Jan 28, 2006

User's manual

Now that I have finished fiddling (for the time being) with options, fonts and AdSense, I thought it was time to put in a second post, just to see what that felt like.

So far so good, actually.

The link above is for James Davies' Master Strategy Group website. In there, you will find a link to Tips & Techniques (feel free to browse elsewhere as well). Back in my software days, this website alone kept me awake through almost two years of drowsy afternoons. And come to think of it, alive in the commutes as well. Davies' site now contains almost 200 ideas of riding safer. Each is painstakingly detailed, when required with complex models (you can read around the models should you choose to) and every last one of them will have a light bulb go off in your head, 'why didn't I think if that?'

If you're learning, experienced or a track demon, I think the site will still offer you ways to improve your skills still further.