Apr 14, 2008

I must be doing something right!

Hello, hello, hello, people. I've been busy at work and the blog, obviously, has suffered from my absence. Apologies. And some more, because I'm not sure how often I will be able to post in the coming days either.

But in the meantime, look what happened!

That's a link from NY Times! Dude, that is a link from the hallowed New York Times. God, I'm so excited. Stuff like that just doesn't happen... and so forth! Here's the post where the link appeared.

Track day notice: Coimbatore, India

My favourite track day outfit has finalised dates for their next one...

Dates confirmed: may 10th/11th

Venue: Kari motor speedway, Coimbatore

As always, we bring you exclusive motorcycle only dedicated track days.

The goal of our track days are around a few key things.

1. To be safe and respect the sport and the riders
2. To learn more every time you come to the track
3. To have fun while riding and importantly off the track also

We will be running the track days by dividing the riders into three categories

People who have not ridden the track before or those who want to learn
in less aggressive way

People who have ridden before at Kari and who know the rules, more
aggressive but still being safe

the name says it all. Only superbikes in this class

Cost per head for both days : 2000Rs. This includes track time, with
medical and marshals.

Stay, fuel, parts, up and down transport of yourself and the bike is
not included in the above.

Important for signing up for track days
A change in policy is that I need the money upfront. Two modes of
payment: cash or money transfer. Please sms me and I will send you the
account number for a money transfer, else please send DD to my
name/address. Please let me know who is sending the DD else I have no
way of knowing who sent it.

Anand Dharmaraj, A-1, A-Block, AECS Layout, Brookefields, Bangalore- 560037
Phone : 9880018662