Oct 23, 2008

Where have I been?

As I said earlier, it's become harder and harder to find the time to blog. I must apologise to all the regular readers who have inspired me to continue to write here.

Since August 1, 2008, the last real post until these, I've changed jobs, moved to another place and it's even busier than before. However, I'm expecting to end up with an even more pronounced online presence, as you shall see shortly. As an extension of that process, I'm considering integrating the blog, archives and all, into that 'online presence.' I'd deeply appreciate it if you could write back and tell me what you think of that kind of a move. My idea is that once the blog becomes part of my official duties, my freedom to post frequently will become less of an issue. Which means I can write more, and whenever I like. And no one can object, since it is, after all, official work.

I will, of course, endeavour to not let the 'rules' that come with an official blog to alter or curtail the freedoms this blog has enjoyed, or for that matter, the sort of content that I've posted here.

What say you?


Hrishi said...

Yaaaay !
Welcome back!!!


--xh-- said...

Not bad at all - that is, if the freedom associated with the blog is still there, and if you will post frequent updates, then the move is certainly welcomed...
and yeah, welcome back... :-D

Prakash said...

hey dats gr8 news!!

happy blogging

EvolutioN said...

first things first! welcome back! the ruffler of the feathers is back.

now, is it a good idea to integrate the blog into your online presence? Notwithstanding the fact that this blog has always been in your personal space, I, for one do not think it is a good idea to mix the drinks, and it is certainly not a good idea to write officially on the blog. Let me explain.

A blog is, in more ways than one, a reflection of what YOU truly feel about a feel about an issue, in your case, a machine, unclouded by the bias which comes from being in a job and having different obligations to the diaspora at large. So the moment you officially start writing on the blog, your writings will be followed (officially), they may be measured (officially) and may be used not so fairly. So therefore, irrespective of what you truly feel, you may not be able to shout out loud just because of that extra obligation. The disadvantage of having the power to control the opinions of the masses. :)

Therefore, I vote you keep the blog in its personal space and your job in its official space.

Whatsay? Makes sense?



Hitanshu said...

Aala re aala - Rearset Aala.

Welcome back - we missed you.

Deaths Head Roy said...

Glad to see you back man!!

Ratnakar said...

How are you man?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and congrats on your new job.

Saw your name there prev month.

Did missed a few regular posts here.

JThom said...

Hey man...
Welcome back...

As a regular reader, I would love it if you could post more often...

Combining something you love to do as part of your official responsibilities, is everyone's dream.

I only hope you won't have to compromise your objectivity and perspective due to this change.

Best of luck on the new venture!


The BATFAN said...

Congratulations on both the moves :) New Home, New Office. What about a new ride :)

Well another of my frequent favored blog writer has this to say about work. I think you would easily understand this.

From http://atulchitnis.net/bio/

"Find a job you love, and you will never have to work again"

Eagerly Looking forward to more posts from you.

I do agree with what evolution


has to say but I think you would stick the guns out for the right thing. Integrated OnLine Presence Hmmm.

I think just links to your official site may work while you keep your personal space open here.

What say.

Ride on. Write on.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job and welcome back. In my opinion it best to keep the blog where it is. This is your personal space and you will be the boss. But your official blog will be up for scrutiny and some where down the line, it may lead to a situation where you would have to compromise on the content that you post. So for all readers out there who are hooked on to your unbiased views, i sincerely hope that the blog remains here.

Happy Diwali

Nomad said...

anonymous has posted exactly what I wanted to say but really couldnt put it in words.

Thank you anonymous. Whoever you are...

Sagnik said...

@ Nomad,

Anonymous has also said exactly what I have said. How come no thanks to me? :P

Just kidding!



GR said...

that was a long wait ! wb

My idea is that once the blog becomes part of my official duties ..... [1]

and change from rearset to ? :P

curtail the freedoms this blog has enjoyed, or for that matter, the sort of content that I've posted here ... [2]

if [1] and [2] then
then change
+ 1 (evolution,anon, nomad, sagnik]

all the very best with the new thingy


Pulsurge said...

Der aaye dooroost aaye :) Welcome back. My best wishes for your new assignment. Any new ventures from your side for your readers is welcome, though I would wish that your blog is maintained as a separate identity. Maybe tomorrow you'll land up at some different place :)

All the best once again.

Sankoobaba said...

u r back!!

Payeng said...

About "Integrating this blog along with your Official Online Presence":

Its a unique idea and I say, why not..??

But in that case, "Motorcyclist at Large" won't just be associated only with "rearset" but also with the Organization that he would be in..

..whatever you publish will be automatically associated with the Organization.

I had to learn this the hard way.
But then hey.. its after all your blog.

Sneh said...

Finally rearset is back in business. Like others, i too missed my beloved blogger.
All the best for the new job and hope you like this city. Don't forget to wave at the guy in red gears riding a blue R15.
Regarding revamping the blog,Evolution has put a valid point but at the same time, i want to see rearset posting even if the posts have to pass through a scanner.
Don't make us wait longer, keep posting.

theslayer said...

Gladddddddddddd to have you back!

Wait a minute, I'd loads of stuff to say to you. Can't find the words. Will be back!

Welcome again! :D

Anonymous said...

I would say that it depends on how much creative control your organization wants on your writing.

Too often, you see automotive magazine, give a crap product flattering ratings or worse in a shootout, say that product A might appeal given certain parameters. This after saying all along that the product is crap.

I think the question you need to ask yourself would be ' Will my writing be unbiased?'

- Yugesh

btw: Welcome back, loved the post on the pot and pegs in a corner.

Satyen Poojary said...

You are your best judge man... Honestly I am happy to see you back!

Would the official approach mean a biased 'opinion' or refraining from an honest comment... then not worth it man!