Nov 19, 2008

Pass or fail 2

Remember this post?

Well, I got a letter from the chaps who created it - pasted below - and they've pointed me to another little video. And once more, while it was intended for cyclists, I think it does apply to us as well. Watch it, and leave a comment about whether you passed or failed. I almost passed, I have to admit.

Here's the letter, then
My name is Martin Uttley and I work on behalf of Transport For London (TFL). We were very pleased to see your mention of our DoTheTest video on your website.

As you liked the DoTheTest video campaign we thought you might be interested in our latest cycling awareness videos Whodunnit?

We have posted them up on and on YouTube. We would love to hear what you think of the latest cycling awareness videos from TFL. Thank you so much for your original post and I look forward to hearing your thoughts

Martin, the vids are great. I wish our Governments were doing as much for motocyclists' safety as you chaps are obviously doing. The new series is super. Keep up the good work, all the best and ride safe.


--xh-- said...

hm.. I failed...

Nomad said...

I was wondering where the bear went and missed everything else!

vibhu said...

amhazing ! Added to my blog and linked you also.

Satyen Poojary said...

Almost passed... could find the Change of the instrument with the Butler and the change in the flowers....

So am I allowed to 'search' for things on road... :D

Jokes apart, these are brilliant ads... !

Nomad said...

It's time for another post!

Here's something that may interest you :

I want! :)

Pulsurge said...

2008's gone...when's your post coming?

sapna said...

hey i am failed.
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