Mar 29, 2006

Como estas, Colombia?

I've been visiting some friends in Colombia and guess what was the first thing I saw there? Yes, yes, a Pulsar. In fact, my two days in Bogota would bring home that strange feeling. The background was completely alien. Clean streets, mountains in the distance, stunning girls, ladies and women, brilliant public transport systems, almost anachronsitic bicycle lanes, no paan stains... and Indian cars and motorcycles all over. From the ubiquitous Bajaj Pulsars, to the Boxer/CT100s, Hero Honda Splendors (few), HH CBZs (one). Cars? Esteem two-door hatches, Opel Corsas, Ikon hatches, Camrys... It'd make you light-headed. There were of course, all manner of dirt bikes and all also.

I spoke to one chap who told me that the Pulsar 180 (sold there) was an admired bike. It was cheap, fast and reliable, in that order. Sounds good to me. And accurate.

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