Mar 1, 2006

Doc Wong's Riding Clinics

Ever since I read about Doc Wong, I've been fascinated by the idea. It's simple. You need to be a motorcyclist interested in your riding. The man posts the clinic date on the website and you turn up at the appointed hour. He talks to you for an hour and a half and then off you go into the hills, practicing the motorcycle skill of the day. In time, the free clinic's popularity has meant emailed confirmations. And diversification into dirt clinics, maintenance clinics etc.

Inspired, I started a small riding clinic of my own here in Mumbai. Me and a group of friends would meet early Saturday morning and practice one skill that day for a couple of hours before going back to our usual schedules. It was fun. We covered body positioning, throttle control, er... that's it. Life reasserted itself, people (including me) had things to do Saturday, some Saturdays were just spent lazing in bed... the clinic more or less folded.

However, I've now resolved that as soon as I get back on the bike (Read about why I'm not riding right now), I'm off the restart the process all over again. Maybe this time, I'll expand the group from my close friends to a larger circle, maybe by posting the dates and times at this blog. Then again, I'm scared of trying to manage unknown riders on the practice sessions.

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randy said...

abey kaam kar!!!!