Jun 12, 2008

Official specs for the Yamaha YZF-R15

Yamaha R15. 1995mm x 670mm x 1070mm. 1290mm wheelbase. 120 kg dry. 131 kg wet. 149.8cc. 10.4:1 compression. Liquid cooled 4 valve SOHC. 12 litre fuel tank. 6 speed gearbox. Steel deltabox frame. 80/90-17 tubeless front tyre. 100/80-17 tubeless rear. Monoshock rear. 17ps/8500 rpm. 15nm/7500 rpm. 140 kph top speed (60 kg rider, prone). Rs 97500 exshowroom. On sale now


InTeGeR said...

Great news. When is the full review?

Nandu Chitnis said...

Sounds exciting...your views?

EvolutioN said...

17.3 bhp?

A P200 has 18bhp! A lighter frame on a R15 will make it fly dude!


All smiles!

Trini said...

only 17 Ps?? darn, i was hoping for 20+!! Anyways, here's to Indias first liquid cooled bike.

Nitin Mirasee said...

Holy Smoke !!! Great Going Yamaha. And thanks RS for the specs. I knew you would come out with this info first :-)

Mukul said...

Now I understand why they went with a 6 speed box. To get that top speed with 17PS meant they had to keep each gear short so that the rider could stay within the powerband for longer between shifts. Even though the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I must say I'm a tad disappointed that we're still stuck at 17PS in a new-age bike. All that will be forgiven, though, if this thing can beat stock ZMAs and P220s.

Anonymous said...

15k extra than i expected it to be. glad that yamaha brought a real bike after a long time.

Arjun Shankar said...

Initially, I thought, 17/120? Could be.. Then I did some math, and all I can think about now is this:

Yam R15 : 17ps / ( 120kg + 60kg )
= 0.0944

Bajaj P220: 20ps / (150kg + 60kg )
= 0.0952

Now I know a lot of people will say that really does not mean much, look at the 6speed box etc etc.

The fact is, I was up last night till 12 hoping the numbers would show up (and they did not show up), and that I can finally buy something GOOD if the numbers work out.

And now, I'm a little disappointed.

I still think the Yam beats a P220 (owing to the box, suspension, weight, etc etc etc and a few more etcs), but that number HURTS.

-- Arjun

PS: I currently 'commute' on a 100cc econo-cheapster, or whatever else anyone would wish to call it, and have been looking for an upgrade ever since I started earning. And it looks like I'll be looking for some more time now.

Revhard said...

After all the 90K price and 20+ hpnumbers flung around , the 108K and 17PS is an anti-climax.

Not to say it won't outdrag the P220 and Karizma , but its not a big leap ahead of these two either .

Once again , reality has undershot the hype ........

Nomad said...

Now this is one bike I'm seriously looking at adding to my driveway.


EvolutioN said...

review/ review... we want review...


Love, laughter n keep the Faith,


Anonymous said...

you seem to have abandoned this blog. found something better to do with you life?

Rahul said...

Hi I rode the bike at the Sriperumbudur race track when they were giving it for a test ride during the launch which I have reviewed here:


And the engine feels better than on paper...

Satyen Poojary said...

Where are you man!!!

rais said...

here y al of u r comp 150cc wit p200 and p220...............it iz 150cc........but even than sure....it wil beat all.

bambang said...

Slow and overpriced. Yamaha as usual.

R15, just another Yamaha's flop.
Yamaha should stop making bikes, instead of wasting money like that they should donate the money for finding cure for cancer or something.

VK said...

hey guys..

engine power in bhp is measured at the crank and not at the wheels..

transferring that power with minimal losses and smoothly to the wheels is a whole different story..
depends on gear ratios, transfer mechanisms, tire size etc..

yamaha's gearboxes are way better than pulsar and in whole the best in india.. so arjun u shudnt be much bothered abt the numbers, as on road im sure yammys will feel better..

particularly with that agile body frame, light weight, better build quality and more comfy ride..

rx-100 wasnt the biggest baddest boy out there, but it sure was fun.. it was agile, light and good for traffic races.. though its top speed was low, it sure was fun to overtake other bikes in 4secs flat.. :)

though i wish yammy r15 & fz150 had atleast 20bhp and 18Nm torque.. im sure the current offering will still be awesome fun to ride in the city.. im not bothered abt top speed, i need it to accelerate fast and yet be light & easy to handle..

and then there are 250cc+ range bikes, but im i want my bike to be simpel to maintain, whos bothered abt complex maintenance and hihg octane fuel etc..

just my 2 cents

arjun shankar said...

@vk: You're right! I'm not worried about the Yam. Just that it would have been nice if that particular number was ALSO in the Yam's favour.

I finally got to see the thing in the flesh (or metal rather), last weekend at the local dealer. It was the black machine. 'Amazing looks' would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, no test rides yet and he didn't promise one on the coming weekend either (apparently, he's waiting for a 'Test Ride' machine to be delivered, or hoping that Yamaha centrally provides test rides because the crowded streets of Indaranagar, Bangalore are NOT going to make sense. Or maybe I should just go to another dealer.

EvolutioN said...

i oh so so so so much agree with VK!!!

Who the hell cares about (apart from the fact that you should, you bozo!) whether you can touch, inside city roads, a 150 kmph or not? What is so very important is whether you are the first of the block, whether you fall in your stride faster than the other toddlers, and whether you can reach from Point A to Point B in a sure footed, fast, efficient manner without causing much harm to other drivers and pedestrians...

More of 2 cents!

Hey rearset, you can add all the 2 cents to make a 50 and can go gangsta rapping yo! rotfl!



arjun shankar said...

Apparently, Yamaha has 'banned' test rides of the R15. Atleast thats what the dealer said yesterday. Not fair at all I'd say.

Revhard said...

Battery is 4AH only. Probably can;t fit anything much larger either. Bye bye to 60/55W lamps and HID . Only left side low beam is enabled ( wasted right side H4 low filament ).

What are you thinking Yam ?

Revhard said...

Oh well Rearset, this one too seems more hype and less poke . Some owners have dragged theirs with 220s and lost. Not to undermine its fine handling and all that , but am I in a minority to think that Yamaha has blundered and would have done better with an R25 instead ?

divyesh said...

now it likes that the company has entered the market to leave behind all as it is now fullfilling our sporty needs in low prices and now wating for the beast yz150