Jun 30, 2008

Thunderbird Twinspark: A little late but...

Royal Enfield premieres the Thunderbird Twinspark; unveils the engines
of future growth

With the launch of the Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc, Royal Enfield has
engineered a progressive refinement in the art of motorcycling. Blending
the imperial with the practical, the new Thunderbird is Royal Enfield's
first - amongst a series of models - to feature the evolutionary Unit
Construction Engine.

The Unit construction engine (UCE) marks a dramatic shift in the
traditional Royal Enfield engine architecture. While the traditional
Royal Enfield engine is distinguished by an external clutch and gearbox;
in the UCE, both these elements are integrated within a common crankcase
space. Therefore, this new Royal Enfield engine is more compact and
offer benefits of reduced transmission losses, reduced friction, lower
maintenance and higher reliability. This platform literally is the
'engine of future growth'.

Addressing the enthused gathering, R.L. Ravichandran, CEO, Royal
Enfield, said, "With the launch of Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc, Royal
Enfield is absolutely primed for the entry of the UCE in the domestic
markets. By 2010, India will have other such twinspark models including
the Machismo, Electra and the Bullet 350. For the international markets,
we are currently test marketing the Bullet Electra EFI and in November
this year, the UCE 500 EFI, will be unveiled at auto shows in Cologne
and Birmingham. Not only will the new model be comparatively more
powerful, technically advanced and environment friendly but it will also
sport an authentic classic look that reflects original British
motorcycle styling. With the 500cc version of the UCE that powers the
Bullet Electra EFI, Royal Enfield becomes the first two-wheeler
manufacturer in India to produce and sell a Euro-III compliant motorcycle."

Speaking on the occasion, Siddhartha Lal, MD & CEO, Eicher Motors said,
"We have been working on twinspark technology for our type of motorcycle
architecture since the late-90's and have found it suitable for
mass-production with our new engine platform. All the factors which have
made the Thunderbird the favorite that it already is have been retained
or improved in the new Thunderbird. The new Thunderbird incorporates
hydraulic tappets - which is a first in India and new lean-burn
combustion technology with two spark plugs which gives class-leading
power, torque and fuel-efficiency. Moreover, the long-stroke and engine
construction ensure that the distinctive beat and cruising
characteristic are further enhanced. Add to this the twin benefits of
improved performance and engine efficiency and you have a package that
is hard to beat in terms of pure riding pleasure and visual delight.
Undoubtedly, the Thunderbird Twinspark goes beyond the envelope of
ordinary commuting to present itself as a real motorcycle."

You've got the look!
The styling and appeal of the Thunderbird Twinspark epitomise a
'practical cruiser', chiselled to offer ride delight. Its a motorcycle
that does more than just look good on an open highway or under the
brazen tones of starry floodlights.

Let's start with the purposeful 19" front-wheel that enables the
Thunderbird Twinspark to glide over any surface. The slim-line metal
mudguard is the first splash of paint that greets the eye. A genuine
ergonomic high-rise pull back handlebar puts the control in the hands of
the lucky rider. The space between the handle and ultra comfortable seat
is engaged with a beautiful teardrop fuel tank sporting the Royal
Enfield logo as a dimensional graphic. The battery is lodged below the
seat and is flanked on either side with triangular panels tapering
around air-filters. The seat, which embosoms a graceful pillion
backrest, is not only visually inviting but also comfortably snug. The
chromed headlight is as accentuating as the urbane twin-pod instrument
cluster intact with odometer, speedometer, RPM meter, fuel gauge,
resettable trip meter, and tell-tale lights for neutral, high beam, turn
signal indicators, etc. Hydraulic pushrods accord a radical singularity
to the new Thunderbird; since valve clearance is automatically adjusted
rather than manually fine-tuned, the vehicle maintains optimal valve
timing in all situations. Moreover, features like the auto decompressor,
CV carburetor; powerful disc brakes, the all new 6-plate low effort
clutch and the highest payload for any Indian motorcycle (160 kg)
distinguish the new Thunderbird as the easiest Royal Enfield to ride.

Due to its prodigious 28Nm torque, legendary Royal Enfield solidity and
tenaciously agile dynamic behavior, the new Thunderbird can take on
anything the Indian roads will throw at it ...be it the smooth tarmac of
the golden quadrilateral or the notorious potholes of battered roads,
the pyretic plains of Rajasthan or even the freezing desolate mountains
of Ladakh.

The Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc will always be more prepared than her
rider. You bet, its got what it takes!


EvolutioN said...

woo hoo!

Better late than never!

Three cheers for the thump (though it is killed somewhat by this bazooka of a silencer! :(



Anonymous said...

Did you took a test ride? Had some queries. Hope you can reply based on your TBTS riding exp.
1. How much is the engine noise as compared to out going TB?
2. How much difference the integrated engine has made to the perf of the bike? I belive with all pieced in one place, transmission loss must have come down.

Thanks in adv.

Deaths Head Roy said...

Hmm, interesting....but somehow I think Enfield are losing the idea!!

Dhanush said...

What is an Enfield without an Engine Noise? I guess Enfield is trying to woo a lot of young customers and wants to get into the Pulsar Space. I ride a TB AVL. After my Himalayan Odyssey, the performance downgraded and I had to get it up with the help of a great mechanic whom I know. He fine tuned the engine, put K&N air filters, and now the performance is simply awesome.

Why can't RE guys think like the way a normal Mechanic can think. The Bike has a lot of stuff in it. They just need to tune it in. And I hope the TB TS is a great bike as they claim.

A time will come I guess, where the Duff Duff of the Bull will go away :(

Dreamer said...

Its the end of an era! mY 2005 TB is a classic already!

Anonymous said...

The "improvements" may be a hit in the domestic market, but I fear that it will kill any enthusiasm for the machine in the Western world.
We Yanks love the fact that up util now, we could buy a brand new 1959 British bike, one that we could happily fiddle with each weekend. A machine that comunicated with us using various noises and behaviors, so that we became one, man and machine.
A mechanical creature with a distinct personality like no other.
The Electric starter was bad enough, now they have added "improvements" like a unitized transmission, fuel injection and a fuel guage?
I may as well buy a Yamaha. It'll be faster, more dependable, and look just like everybody elses Yamaha.
Whats next, an automatic gearbox and airbags?
Sigh. Rest In Peace, mighty Bull.

-biminitwst, USA

speed said...

Hey Guys..plz help me to decide. am a lean guy of 5'5", is it ok for me to ride the TBTS bull. plz leave a reply to tintin.gunda@gmail.com

many thankxx.....ayan

valve actuator said...

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ivan said...


it's very good..

like a classic motorcycle...

I like it..