Aug 1, 2006

Fuel Injection, big boost?

Having spent some time on both the fuel injected motorcycles in India (one on sale, the other expected), here's the 'moral of the story.' Neither motorcycle was eye-opening in the sense of dramatically better than its predecessor. In fact, it reinforces the fact that our carburetted motorcycles actually run pretty efficiently already. However, both motorcycles possessed throttle feel and response like nothing I've ever been on or in before. Both motorcycles did not have throttle lag. That's the gap between you opening the throttle and the carb slide moving up to start fuel flow. On the Glamour FI and the Pulsar DTS-Fi, the fuel flows instantly. Open the throttle, and the frost suspension unloads immediately. Both motorcycles also felt very crisp and very smooth. A feeling that combines with the throttle response to make both bikes feel fun and involving to ride. Obviously, from our perspective, think of a 20 bhp motorcycle as anything but involving is hard. But even the Glamour FI feels good to ride thanks to the throttle alone.

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Chalo, getting back to work. Nice talking.

- Nandan