May 28, 2008

2009 Yamaha V-Max: First details at MCN!

Yamaha V-Max ConceptMotorcycle News, the British motorcycle newspaper that knows more than anyone else about the two-wheelers coming in the next decade, have pulled off a coup by getting the details of the V-Max, which was due for an unveil on June 4 as a 2009 model for Yamaha.

The pics on this post are courtesy Yamaha and of the VMAX concept. MCN has the picture here, if you'd like to see it and are saying that the bike is a 1800cc V4 making 200 bhp, which should probably make it the fastest quartermiler again, just like the old one.

Yamaha V-Max Concept


Nomad said...

Didnt really see an option to reply above so posting here :

Congratulations on the new bike! One of my favourites! Ok ok..i have no clue which one it is except that its a Kwacker.

What model is it? I love those nakeds.

Since I'm here, nice V Max too. I think the old one looked better.


gearhead said...

hubba hubba!!

tagruato said...

here comes a video game for the vmax

Motor trade Web design said...

I like the bike it looks somewhat italy But i have read and expereinced too tha Italian bikes are a very good option if we are buying it first hand if we go for the second hand they are the most irritating bikes

Anonymous said...

it seem that you are the one to go to for all the motorcycle related queries my cousin says. so here it is. it's a toss b/w the 848 and the hypermotard. help pls.

rearset said...

For the Indian riding situation, I'd pick the Hypermotard everyday, unless you have a height issue – the 'Motard is tall and anything under 5'10" will be an issue. Both look pretty sexy and the price diff is just Rs 2-4 lakh (depending on whether you pick the Rs 18 lakh Hypermotard or the Rs 20 lakh Hypermotard S). The 848 should be about Rs 22-23 lakh. In traffic, though, both motorcycles will produce incredible heat that will toast your legs and all of that.

Out on the highway, the 848's screen will give you something to hide behind at speed, whereas the Hypermotard's 'naked' position will eventually slow you down to about 140 kph for any sustained difference.

So, unless you're planning a whole bunch of high-speed highway jaunts, the Hypermotard is what I'd suggest.

rearset said...

replace difference (!) with riding in the second from last paragraph... Sorry!

Anonymous said...

hey thnx man. i wasn't expecting the reply so quick. thnx a tonne. i think the hypermotard is the way to go. anyways one more thing is the trouble now. i'm chucking a camry for a bike and so it'll be ridden a lot. i'm a little concerned about the service and stuff. any ideas on when the sales and service starts in delhi. or shuld i get mine from bombay? thnx again.