May 24, 2008

New poll: Exactly when do you wear your helmet, then?

When do you wear your helmet?


Hafeexius said...

There should be an option that says "All the time"

I always wear a helmet whenever i get on a bike be it my own or pillion on someone else's

Unrelated : a helmet is like underwear, you dont share them!


Mason said...

The only time I won't wear it is when I'm rolling the bike out of the garage and onto the driveway. I don't want to mess up my gorgeous face.

greySith said...

It is slightly silly, that I can tick all the check boxes. I can actually, say that I wear a helmet while touring, going to the shops, long rides, in town, and never (ever (ever)).

Micah said...

All of the time. No exceptions.

t0emeister said...

all the gear, all the time.
i guess most real bikers swear by that motto.

Revhard said...

wear gear all the time , only skipping its a test runof a few hundred metres within confines of private area , to check headlight focus etc.

People do ask why I wear a jacket in peak summer . Coz it's better to sweat than to bleed.