May 23, 2008


The innovative new British helmet rating system is moving forward. Actually, it isn't as much innovative as it is overdue. In any case, they recently out this missive...
Thank you for registering your interest in SHARP - the new safety rating for motorcycle helmets in the UK.

Sorry we have been so quiet since SHARP was announced in November last year. We've been very busy testing helmets and the first ratings will be announced very soon. Ratings will include helmets from AGV, Airoh, Arai, Arashi, Bell, Box, HJC, KBC, Lazer, Nitro, Nolan, Premier, Roof, RST, Shark, Shoei, Suomy, Takachi, Urban, X-Lite and Vemar.

We recently added the SHARP presentational video (right-click to download 10Mb video) to our website, which you may find of interest. We've also introduced a 'news' page and added the 'search' tools we hope you'll use when considering your next helmet purchase.

We will keep you informed of all the SHARP news as it happens.

Best regards,
The SHARP Team


Hrishi said...

Talking about helmets, i bought this one yesterday:

PS: Welcome back.Pleasant surprise to see ur posts. Hope u will make up for the lost time... :)

Hrishi said...

Got the helmet for 3K
Got a clear visor too for 450/-

But don't want to use the clear visor. The tinted one looked so damn cool...