Dec 19, 2007

Bargain basement: FirstGear "Mesh-Tex 2" Mesh Jacket

FirstGear Mesh-Tex2 Jacket from newenough.comWhoa! newenough is offering the aforementioned jacket for a princely sum of $24. According to our friends at, that's Rs 950. Which, is a fantastic deal. Here's what paul at newenough has to say about the jacket

The Mesh Tex 2 jacket, now a couple seasons old, is finally on final closeout status. We were able to secure a number of men’s size small and medium jackets that you see here. Take advantage of the savings while our inventory remains. We’ve sold hundreds of these jackets over the last five or so seasons and have had terrific feedback. The jacket is ideal for those wanting a comfortable jacket for really hot weather. The mesh material used allows the wind to blow right through, so these jackets will provide a measure of protection without cooking you in the hot summer weather. The windproof lining will extend the comfort range of a garment like this making it useful all day—even when morning temps are cool. You can start your morning ride using the liner to provide a wind break, then when the temps warm up, remove the lining and pack it away for the afternoon. Many folks have commented that they like the tighter weave of the fabric used in this design (as opposed to the looser weave found in other styles), since it has a bit more of a tailored look.
There is a catch. Newenough, for some unexplained reason, will no longer ship to any address except your credit card billing address. Which is just stupid. And painful. But that's how it is. Which means you aunt cannot come back with this jacket, unless she orders it in the first place. If that works for you, you can get this jacket in your hands for less than $50. Which is a stunning deal. No aunts with credit cards? Shipping to India will cost you, let's see, $42, which means roughly $67 on your step. Which is still great value. Hurry, this is a end of the line kind of sale, and only medium and small jackets in some colours are left.

Oh and also check out the Oxtar boot section. Since the rebranding (now TCX) , the boots are on a phenomenal sale too. Just remember, that when they ship them to India, the invoice must clear say 'Motorcycle Sport Boot' or else the customs guys will say Mining Boot and slap a hefty duty on it.

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Anonymous said...

The reason they ship only to the address corresponding to credit card's registered address is for fraud prevention.

This is a huge multi-billion dollar menace, and the merchant often pays chargeback when credit cards are misused by fraudsters. This is the only way most e-merchants can stay in business.

I would also like to inform you that this is pretty much SOP with increasing number of online business. Exceptions are just that.

The real shame is that in India we do not have any Amazon, B&H or Newegg. We can watch like hungry people at the food-showcase, and only starve. Those that do ship internationally charge huge shipping costs.

Some NRI type can make tens of millions if they play on this opportunity.