Dec 19, 2007

Riding Skull, heh heh

How cool is that! I wish it has interchangeable
lenses for the eyes, though... would love to wear
one of these to an Iron Maiden concert, or something
like that, what say?


Hrishi said...

Imagine the kind of attention you will get. Just awesome.

Who thinks up of all these designs !!! :)

Sankoobaba said...


Hrishi said...

Ummm.. long time no biking post :)

rearset said...

Hey all. Sorry about the lack of posts in general and motorcycle posts in particular. Am running a tough old schedule at work right now, and simply haven't the time to type in new stuff. Apologies!

Hafeez said...

Holy shit! Thats amazing!

I'd love to scare the crap out of autorickshaw drivers with that thing. Or for that matter pretty much anyone..