Dec 4, 2007

Updated: 2008 Yamaha R1 and MT-01: Launched!

Yamaha 2008 YZF-R1

As you read this (1220 hours by my watch), Yamaha has just launched the R1 (and maybe the MT-01) in India. Here's what I've learnt. The 2008 R1 and the 2008 MT-01 are both on sale now. Price being quoted is Rs 10.5 lakh ex-showroom. At the moment, sales will be only in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore. This is probably because of the size and kind of showroom that Yamaha wanted to have in place for these bikes. Mumbai bikers are going to have a spot of trouble, because it might be one of the last of the big cities to finalise the showroom thanks to excessive land costs. Yamaha is saying that people in Mumbai should consider booking the motorcycle from its Ahmedabad dealer, Planet Yamaha. Yamaha says that supply is no problem. So while motorcycles will arrive in CBU batches, there is no number cap so you should get an R1 if your book one.

The Bangalore dealer is Orion Motors (518 Bhovappa layout, Hosur Road), Delhi Scooters (A31 A Ring Road Rajouri Garden, 011 - 25411667). I don't know why the Chennai dealer is... sorry.

ADDED: More details are here

All images courtesy: Yamaha Motor Europe

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Hrishi said...

Are you buying one?


Trini said...

finally!!! the first drops before the thunderstorm!!

Payeng said...

Am really excited (sarcasm) for the RICH "DESI" Boys..!!

rearset said...

Alas, this dream is still some distance away. But yes, it's coming alive and throbbing, as if from some inner light. It existed before, now it lives...

And so forth


I'm happy for them. Envy not those that're better off than you, plan instead, so you can be better off as well...


Payeng said...


no thanks, I don't think I can afford Even to plan..

you see, I have got a wife coming in pretty soon.

She'll think she married a lunatic if I tell her that I am planning for a 11-12 lakh bike.. there are more important things to plan..

# House
# Kids
# Kids Education
# Car (sorry but I can't help it)
# Retirement

But I might just be able to plan/convince.. if you show me a Rs. 1.5-2.0 lakh twin cylinder, with service and spares in India within the next 2-3 years.

After that I'll retire with a Good Old Royal Enfield Bullet.

Anonymous said...

Rs 10.5 lakh for the R1? Well, at least they didn't price it at Rs 11 lakh, which would have made it TOO expensive. Ten and a half just might be affordable. For some people.

As for me, I guess I'll be getting a Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme sometime soon. A red one.

Sniffle... sob!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Yamaha. I think they will sell good numbers, yes even at that price.

Anonymous said...

No pay, no play! Guys, what did you want? An R1 for peanuts? You want 180bhp, you gotta PAY for it!


Praveen T said...

Well nice news. But, because of damned govt. regulations there is no mid-range bikes.

Something arnd 400cc - 600cc with a price tag of arnd 2-3L would have been a boon for us normal middle class junta.

Praying for Bajaj to bring some goodies from KTM.

road-yo said...

This is goooooooood. Let's stop crying over the price for the moment & enjoy the occassion.

And think of 2-3 years down the line when these are gonna appear on the used bike market! Gotta start saving up man.

Rahul said...

I heard that der r some restrictions on riding higher cc bikes in india , is it true .
R can jus get this bikes and hit the roads.

Anonymous said...

So Yamaha India thinks it will turn their fortunes around, will it?

Yaay, we get to pay 25000$ for a 1000cc assembled unit. Now check the prices in the US. Also grey market prices

Anonymous said...

"No pay, no play! Guys, what did you want? An R1 for peanuts? You want 180bhp, you gotta PAY for it!"

you don't know ! ! !

true it could have been upto 120% cheaper

but it would still be outa my reach

theSlayer said...

@rearset: Atlast, a bike to go with that Shoei :D

@praveent: Can afford a 3L bike? Sir, you and I are the upper middle class, don't qualify for simply middle class :D

@firstanonymous: Get the Xtreme II, not the Xtreme I

The BATFAN said...

I don't know why the Chennai dealer is... sorry.

You mean who right. I will find it and you can update. I think it will be Paras Yamaha.

Somnath said...

Guys Am getting one................

James said...

Man the yamaha R1 is awesome but the New very poor....we cannot compare R1 with r15....

R15 stands nowhere...

Why can't indians boys afford a super sportz bike at low cost...???