Dec 7, 2007

Motorcycle Riding Kit shops in Singapore or Malaysia

This is from a BikeNomads (site | yahoogroup) thread (I don't have permission to reproduce this... BN moderators please email if you want me take this off... sorry!). I thought this information might be useful. In response to a query about places to purchase riding kit in Singapore and Malaysia, BNer Srikeerthi KS said:

In Singapore
This place (wikimapia link below) has a good collection of riding gear. Have purchased from there a couple of times. There are a few other shops in the vicinity too. This is very near to Sim Lim Square (Rochor Canal Road). I forgot the name of the shop. Don't forget to
bargain and in case you tell him you are taking it out of Singapore you can get off with the GST (he doesnt add it).

In Malaysia
This place (wikimapia link below) has a decent place to buy
in KL. Ask for the rear entrance of the complex as going from the front entrance to the rear would be confusing (its like a maze inside this Pertamas complex). This is near to Masjid India area which anyone in KL would know about (even saying Pertamas/Sogo complex is enough to a taxi driver). Once you enter from the rear you have few shops on the left and the right side. There are a few shops on the first floor above it also which produce riding gear (custom/leathers)


first_synn said...

Ah... Dear ol' Skuzzy is talkin' about Moto World. And I bet 10 bucks that he's still lustin' after that carbon fibre helmet... ;)

Good place for riding gear and accessories. Inform me in case you are coming here and I can prolly get you a discount.. ;)

As for the "Vicinity" part, you may wanna take a stroll along Jelan Besar or serangoon road. Every side alley has a shop or two. Bargaining works. Big time.

gr said...

@first_synn : thanks :)

Srikeerthi said...

Rearset quotes me.. hmmm

Hehe.. u r right first_synn.. Still lusting for that helmet. And I probably need to get myself a new leather riding pant too (courtesy the recent accident).