Feb 6, 2006

Lovely letter in Bike Magazine

It is winter in most of the great motorcycling nations around the top half of the globe. The result are some serious letters in bike mags. This one, I just loved.

In Bike, February 2006, on page 9 is this gem:

Winter Bliss

December 2005, 11:15am, dull and cold, I'm painting my fence. I hear a bike wail down the bypass. Sod this! 11:26am in my kit, bike on driveway. Three hours, one tank of unleaded later I'm back with big grin and dirty, salty bike. Bliss.
Ben Langley, Lincolnshire

I love the magazine. And heartfelt letters like these.

Also, it makes me thankful for the sort of hot, sticky weather we have in most of India. Imagine not being able to ride for five months in the year. Gak!

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