Feb 17, 2006

Yamaha offers to buyback the R6

I read today that Yamaha has offered to buyback each and everyone of the YZF-R6s they have sold in the US. It seems that while Yamaha claimed a 17,500 rpm redline, which duly appears on the tacho during riding, dyno tests show that the rev counters are actually 9 per cent over roughly, and the actual redline is around 16,200.

In a gesture, which I think absolves Yamaha of any guilt or wrong-doing, Yamaha has said that the error slipped through the framework, and they would like to offer an opportunity to all customers who are unsatisfied with their new purchase. Yamaha has written letters to all the customers stating that the company would be glad to re-purchase the bike from them and cover any incidental expenses that the new owners might have incurred during the process, like registration etc. Nice job, Yamaha.

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