Feb 18, 2006

Pretty girls

You're riding down the street when you spot her. Resplendent in a red, short dress, perfect legs, supermodel looks. The sun shines an aura around her and inside your lid a low whistle escapes... been in this place? Remember, if you spotted her and forgot about the road for a second, so will a large majority of cagers and motorcyclists around you. And while they're busy ogling this paragon, one of them could crash into you. And it isn't just pretty girls. Anything that distracts you is also likely to distract others. So if you spot it, double your attention on the road. When I figure out a way to do that and look at the girl, I'll post it here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about using them brakes?? stare at the girl to your heart's content .. I do ... keeps the road in sight .. at 0kmph :D and the girl in sight too ... at 180 heartbeats/min ;)