Feb 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Would it be considered cheesy, or irrelevant, or out-of-date (see post date) to wish everyone who is visiting this blog a cheery pink Valentine's Day? Yeah? Okay do like I do. Cheer for 46 and think of Motorcycle Racing god, Mr Rossi as Valentin(o)e. Sorry, bad one.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I was not on the motorcycle on the way home. I ended up taking an autorickshaw (tuk tuk to some) home yesterday with the wife. Post-dinner at our favourite SST (sasta, sundar tikau (that's cheap, good and reliable)) Thai place, we were slipping through Mumbai's concrete streets. Then, our auto driver swerved right to go around a raised manhole cover. He managed to clip the wrist of a chap who happened to be walking down the road with a friend. This led to fistfight. More on that later.

We paid the man, left the squabbling group and took another rick to get home.

Then, in front of the new JW Marriott hotel in Juhu (which can never manage its own parking and ends of cluttering and eventually jamming the road its sits on), a Qualis was making a U-turn. Obviously the young teen at the wheel did something spectacularly stupid, because a chappie in a Ford Escort (notice how protective and paranoid they are about the car - since they can't get no parts...) leapt out, opened the passenger door and before the kid knew what happened, made bone-flesh contact.

Talk about it being a day to celebrate love. I don't think I've ever seen this much concentrated road rage in Mumbai.

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