Feb 2, 2006

Religious sentiment

I have been a peaceful, unprotesting, un-canvassing, non-interfering agnostic for as long as I can remember. I don't believe in god, but I have no problem if you do. And I have no issues with what your god looks like etc.

But now, I’m having a bit of a funny situation stare back at me. You see, I have a good friend coming over, a chap I well, befriended very recently. Being male, young and all of that, I know he will want me to take him for a ride. And I even have a spare helmet and riding jacket for him already. But he’s a sikh and he wears a turban.

And I absolutely insist that anyone who rides pillion with me wears a lid. So my mom, dad, many friends and all relatives don’t ride with me.

But now, what do I do?