Jul 7, 2006

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi: More images and specs

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliEngine
Single Cylinder Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Sohc
Valve Train
2 Valve
Bore & Stroke
Comp. Ratio
Electric Start only
Fuel injection (DTS-Fi)

  • First four stroke engine in the world employing DTS-Fi technology
    • Intelligently controlled ignition timing for each plug
    • High combustion efficiency
    • Low performance variability between engines
    • Precise metering of fuel for highest outputs and lower emissions
    • Easy engine starts in all conditions of temperature and altitude
    • Best in class fuel economy [as in beating the Karizma? Is that even a task?
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliFirst natural air-cooled 4-stroke engine in India employing a oil cooler
    • Maintains lube-oil viscosity even under extreme conditions of stress and ambient temperatures.
    • Also helps in cooling the engine internals
  • First high capacity engine in India to employ rollers at rocker arm pivits and camshaft interfaces for low friction
  • First engine in India to have electric start as the sole means of cranking
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliPerformance
Max. Power
20 bhp (no rpm claim)
Max. Torque
1.95 kgm (no rpm claim)
Top speed
135 kph
Fuel economy
50 kpl in 'sane riding'

Gear Box
5 Speed Constant Mesh
New. Superior to Pulsar 180/150

MF typre, 12V 9Ah
Head Light
Ellipsoidal projector 55W/parabolic 55W H7
Tail Light
High intensity LEDs

Double cradle (new frame)

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliSuspension
37 mm Telescopic Hydraulic Type 130 mm travel
Ellipitical section Swing Arm With twin Hydraulic
Gas-charged Shock Absorbers; 101 mm travel

260mm Disc Type
230mm Disc Type

90/90-17 tubeless
120/80-17 tubeless
  • First two wheeler in India to employ tubeless tyres for superior performance and safety
  • First vehicle in the class to employ the widest tyres
  • First vehicle in India to employ a hydraulically actuated 230 mm rear disc brake
    • Enhances braking performance and control
  • First bike in India to employ a large 37 mm front fork for class leading vehicle dynamics
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliFirst...India to employ a non-contact digital speedo drive for accuracy, simplicity and long life
  • First...India to use clip-on handlebars
  • First...India to use a unique damping method for damping high frequency vibrations in clip-on handlebars (patent applied for)
  • First...India to employ a pure sports riding position [don't agree. Thought the bars could have been still lower and more sporty. Great position for fast touring, though]
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliFirst...India to incorporate a pinch clamp for front axle
    • Ensures smooth parallel fork sliding action for lower fork stiction
    • The usual method can force the legs to flex the tubes due to non-parallelism - high stiction
  • First...India to use a 3000 combination ignition cum steering lock with a twin-track pilfer proof key
  • First...world to employ backlit handlebar switches
  • First...India to employ non-contact handlebar switches for soft touch feel and zero maintenance
  • First...world to employ non-contact 'intelligent' self-cancelling turn signals
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliFirst...India to employ 'black mask' twin headlamps in a vertical stack configuration
  • First...India to employ a high wattage (H7, 55W) ellipsoidal projector lamp for white light low beam illumination
  • First...India to employ a high wattage (H7, 55W) compact clear lens parabolic lamp for white light high beam illumination
  • First...India to employ white light pilot lamp bulbs
  • First...India to employ a large free form orange backlit LCD speedo panel, displaying among other things the vehicle speed [accurate to within 2 kph], odometer, 2 tripmeters, graphic fuel level indicator and other information icons [diagnostics: air filter choked, oil temperature, battery voltage and oil level]
  • First...India to employ a stepper motor driven tachometer needle for quick undamped response
  • First...India to incorporate a flashing over-rev warning light in the speedo console
  • First...India to have an electronic speedo console which when keyed on goes through a self-diagnostic check
  • First...India which incorporates a flashing warning light for low fuel level
  • First...India to incorporate a day-night mode for the speedo console. In day mode, the indicating lights are brighter for clear visibility in ambient sunlight. In night mode, these lights reduce their brightness to prevent glare
  • First...India to employ a battery-saving function to automatically switch off headlamps while cranking
  • First...India to employ a battery-saving function to automaticallyregulates the number of continuous cranks
  • First...India equipped with a high-capacity O ring chain for final drive - smooth operation and long life in harsh operating conditions
  • First...India employing elliptical section swingarm on needle roller pivot bearings
  • First...India to incorporate sculpted, compact, fairing mounted rear view mirrors
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliFirst...India with sporty, sculpted two-piece grab rail for sleek big bike looks
  • First...India with a split seat design for easy access to tool kit and first-aid kit
  • First...India to sport 'twin slash' high intensity LED clear lens tail lamp, requiring zero maintenance
  • First...India to sport and aggressive and stylish anti-scratch tank pad to prevent damage to petrol tank paintwork due to zippers
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliDimensions
Kerb Weight
150 kg
Wheel Base
1,350 mm
2,035 mm
750 mm
Overall Height
1,140 mm
Ground Clearance
177 mm

Tank Capacity
15 l

  • Forced lubrication for the transmission
  • Beefed up tranmission to handle high power and torque output
  • Engine equipped with counterbalancer for controlling vibration from large dia piston
  • Engine equipped with oil level inspection window
  • Improved fin geometry for better heat dissipation
  • DTS-Fi system is optimised for razor sharp response to throttle inputs
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliNew high strength chassis designed to handle high engine outputs and making possible precise handling traits with arrow-like straightline stability
  • Large 260 mm front disc for precise and progressive braking
  • Crystal finished clear lens blinkers to complement the clear lens tail lamp
  • DC Ignition and lighting ensures quicker engine startups and constant illumination
  • Low maintenance battery to reduce frequent top-up needs
  • A red malfunction indicator lamp in the speedo gives the error codes in order to identify any malfunctioning fuel injection components
  • Sculpted looking top clamp with pinch bolts for greater rigidity
  • New gear shifting mechanism for a positive shift feel [really works
  • ]
  • New low friction shift drum for a smoother shift feel [really works
  • ]
  • New large capacity clutch incorporating anti-judder mechanism for superior clutch performance in all conditions
  • Highest power to weight ratio: 133 PS/Tonne
  • High flow intake and exhaust ports
  • Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliLarge bore, light slipper type piston
  • Large capacity main bearings for high output handling
  • Large capacity output shaft bearing to handle high loads
  • Equipped with a roll-over sensor to cut off fuel supply in case of a vehicle fall
  • Brake and shift lever pivots incorporated on the footpeg mounting to give a clean, uncluttered look
  • Nitrox rear shocks optimised (spring and damper ratings) for all riding conditions
  • High output 200 watt, 3-phase magneto
  • All stainless steel exhaust with a sporty aluminium clad canister
  • ExhuasTEC
Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliEarlier post about the Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi: Here

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due Diwali


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

You really seem to have inside knowledge on the latest from Bajaj. Awesome!

If you dont mind, I posted your blog's link on www.xbhp.com . It's over at http://www.xbhp.com/talkies/showthread.php?p=214438&posted=1#post214438

Are your initials S.M. by any chance? :D


Bharath said...

That was a outstanding information on the new beast!!! thanks a lot for the pics and the info......Will keep this post as my favorite for future details on the same beast!!!

Anonymous said...

nicely put. Neat, not overcrowded and informative with good images.

rearset said...

What is posted here is not confidential or privileged information. I am given to understand that the text and images were given to all present at the showing.

vibhu said...

hi. thanks for the pics.

uploaded one to my blog with a link to yours.

also posted to our bike group

sac said...

hmm, wouldn't mind tooting around the country on that.. still not built like a 'proper' 250 but definitely well kitted out.

Meghan said...

Hey, that's really a very good, infact awesome piece of information about the bike.. been drooling all over it from the past few days.

I have a sincere request can u pleast post Hi-Res shots of all the pics. I take it that they are resized cuz u have posted a hi-Res one of the bike earlier.

Thanks a lot for posting the information and please do consider my humble request.

rearset said...

Sorry Meghan, I can't post any larger pictures.

Nyctophobia said...

Seriously off topic here, but how are you? with all the riots and blasts happening...

rearset said...

Thanks for asking nyctophobia, I and the wife are fine. We chose to not go home and stayed with a friend close to my work place for the night... all good.

vamsi said...


the information shared itself is sufficient enough to draw the bike lovers to have a go at the beast.

I would like to have more details(technical) of the machine..


Anonymous said...

hi some more good pics of the bike is here http://purionline.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=455&PN=1

have fun

Anonymous said...


The posts where really informative.....any idea whether its lauched all over indiaa?....i am in chennai....i am not able to find the bike in showrooms?....kindly let me know...



Anonymous said...

Hey everyone..could someone plz look at the second photograph closely and leave a line as to whether the front fork..wheel are in line..!(Look at the front disc's alignment to the tyre..)..wht d'u think..Abijeet.

Anonymous said...

could you please post larger versions of the pics above? if there is a bandwidth i can definitely give you option to post them at.

Anonymous said...

Who are u ? :-)

Anonymous said...

hey thanks a lot, was desperately searching for fotos and complete info abt this hunk.awesome work.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks a lot,was searching desperately for fotos and info abt this hunk. awesome work

bronzmash said...

Thank you!! Without you, my project and seminar would've gone nowhere..!!

Amazing writeup!! You're included in my credits, ack., and biblio..! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey der,
Gr8 info u fot ere bout the fi dude,keep updating n get the details bout the tentative release n start of bookin for the bike as it seems u got a whole lotta inside info bout it.

Darshan said...

i heard the bike is not going to be launched.. is that TRUE..?? plz confirm ur answer...

Vishnu said...

Good work, that is a lot of information you have here in one place, Since you have had access to these details would be able to tell us when will this be launched?

Anonymous said...

Hey Hi their this bike is really very cool but one thing keeps pokin to my eyes its the rear sittin cusion it must have been designed more sporty their is a little difference in the height of the rear cusion it muct have been a l'il bit higher leavin that eveythin is cool n sporty Oh! forgot one thing the fearin must be dropped a l'il bit down to look more sporty bye

Anonymous said...

its very good but there is no kick start option for it making a lot different from others. there is no gaurd even for chain .better if both are there

rearset said...

Of course, for all of us who want to climb out of the well we are in, we must have one wants to stay, eh?

Anand said...

This looks awesome,practically too much cosmotic technology for this small bike.

Fatty tyres would even added beauty and justified the design

Well this can only be biking in single

kunal said...

truly! deeply! madly! It is the best offered by any indian or indianised bike maker up till today (of course not as good as yamaha RD350, but still). One must say, bajaj has taken some very radical curves and assembled them in the most gorgeous manner possible. For me, after seeing it, i can think of only one thing, i hava to have it, even if it lends me to the next decent thing to to naked.

Anonymous said...

The product seems to be very nice.
However, I have two suggestions to make:

1. There is a neccesity to install Full Chain Cover as a recautionary safety measure. Further it will also enhance the aesthetics of the bike.

2. Since kick start option is not provided in addition to self start, in case of battery failure, it will not be possible to start the bike.


Darayas H. Sabawala.

roadhog said...

Its About time people...........
for all us powerhungry ,fuel quenched indian bikers to go out and have some fun..........



hey yo.....wanna race

Anonymous said...

well, bike is perfectly fine,with a awesome power but the looks are not so dynamic like "COMET" it seems like 125CC bycycle, where 180 DTS-I is still look good without that hollow front cover from both the sides of fuel tank and attach to head light., that sucks

Anim@TriX said...







Anonymous said...

anim.. i think you are not from INDIA.. most of them is wrong dude

bharat dureja said...

thats really cool
i think the bike is gonna rock the nation

Anonymous said...

This bike also has the option wherein it talks to you when you turn on the ignition, when the petrol is low, and when you switch it off. Why am I thinking it is a space age bike ?!

rearset said...

Really? Strange. The bike I rode didn't talk to me at all. Maybe I upset it somehow...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey guys just waiting to drive this sleek beast

tanmay.tony93 said...

I wanna buy the new bajaj pulsar 220 dts-fi but I have a complain which I know bajaj will make some improvements in it , my complain is that " I want to see bajaj pulsar 220 dts-fi in black alloy wheels , I hate the grey alloy wheels so plz show me some pictures of this new pulsar in black alloy wheels " so please display it on this site and I will be waiting for it !

anuj ravindran(biker boyz) said...

hiiii frnds ..

i m planning to buy this bajaj220 cc beast.. whenever i'll buy that one . i will check out the speed and mileage and let u know..
but one thing i know surely that this bike will create hue and cry in the indian market... this is our first indian hayabusa made buy bajaj.. enjoy it ... And my heartly thanks to bajaj for giving birth to this beast..


for more information contact anju_forthepeople@yahoo.co.in(biker boyz)

sam said...

hi friendz,
i m likely 2 buy 220 cc i wanna no that which all colour r available in 220.

Anonymous said...

here is the link with all photos and videos and specs for Bajaj pulsar 220 the best link till now I have seen http://www.fullorissa.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=455

Brijesh Mandanna said...

I think the P220 can touch the figure of 140 Kmph if pushed bit harder..on a highway...if that is the case then i am satisfied! Has anyone achieved that?

Rahul said...

great to see an indian bike crossing 140 kmph mark.... what i see now is that very soon bike manufacturers will jump in to 250 cc segment.