Oct 11, 2006

Finally, the full dope on the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi Limited Edition.

The bike:
The Limited Edition is exactly identical to the normal 180 except for

  • Orange colour paintjob
  • Chrome stickering on the tank ('Pulsar') with Limited Edition printed below
The Deal:
Bajaj is offering the Limited Edition (I'll just call it DTSiLe) as an auction. The reserve price for the auction is Rs 70,000 (ex-showroom price). Prospective owners are required to fill out a bid form. The chap with the biggest wallet wins the day. I hear something about any extra money earned beyond the reserve price being given away to a charitable cause. This makes the bike about Rs 78,000 on-road (at reserve price) in New Bombay

How many:
There will be a total of 90 DTSiLes sold around the country. Each Pro-Biking dealer will receive between one and two bikes for sale depending on the town profile, sales record and similar criteria.

The normal 'Phatom' DTSi 180 will be available in the usual colours, including the all-black, red and blue shades. These are priced at the same price point as the outgoing (older) 180. Which means any dealer quoting (I've heard two) a premium price over the previous model is overcharging you.


Payeng said...

Hi... I have used ur image of the Orange Pulsar 180 in my blog...

Man where do u get the pics from..?? I suspect u work with Bajaj...!!

Nyctophobia said...

in keeping with tradition, here's the off topic comment : )

i got my blaze, but unfortunately, not my license, atleast not the permanant one... stuck with the learner's till then end of this month...

btw, have u heard of the Great Indian Roadtrip that they're having at xbhp.com? those guys are in mumbai this weekend and there's a get together planned at bandra reclimation, 6:30 pm onwards.

Khalid said...

could u please tell how much the power is????

Yogesh Sarkar said...

Well if the money is going for a charitable cause then it is defiantly good, after all there are a lot of brats who would be willing to pay a premium for a limited edition tag!

Hafeez said...

Just thought I'd nitpick on this.

Why didnt Bajaj increase the power to say, around 19-20 bhp for the special edition? Mileage be damed! Oh my God! Did I just commit blasphemy in the Indian motorcycling context?!