Oct 9, 2006

Hero Honda CBZXtreme: Launch Release

Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme

Like I promised, here is the launch release and images


Strengthens Presence and Focus on the Premium Segment
  • 150cc, 14.2 BHP powerful engine
  • Highest acceleration in the segment: 0 – 60 kmph in 5 seconds
  • New model comes with a 3-year / 40,000 kms warranty
  • CBZ X-treme to enhance Hero Honda’s image as a
    youthful and technology-driven company
CBZ X-treme is an X-treme style machine with several first of its kind features:

  • LED Tail Light – first time ever on any two-wheeler in the country
  • Split Rear Grip, again a first-time feature in motorcycles in India
  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Front Disc brakes
  • Aircraft type Fuel Tank Lid
  • Wide 100/90 low aspect ratio rear tyre for additional road grip and safety
  • Dark grey colour engine
And several additional features for a very youthful and sporty look:

  • Integrated tail light and winkers
  • Front winkers integrated with the visor
  • Pilot lamps positioned above the head light
  • Sculpted & Sharp Rear Cowl
  • Brushed steel console panel finish
  • Contoured seat
New Delhi, October 9th, 2006: Indian roads are never going to be same again as Hero Honda, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, today further strengthened its presence in the premium segment, by unveiling the all-new ‘CBZ X-treme’.

CBZ X-treme, with a 150 cc engine, stunning design and best-in-class features, carries forward the lineage of Hero Honda CBZ, the immediate synonym of stylish bikes for many.

Hero Honda CBZ X-TremeAs a true market leader, Hero Honda was the first two-wheeler manufacturer in India to introduce a bike on the style platform, with the launch of the Sleek, way back in 1989. The company further consolidated this position with the launch of the CBZ in 1999. The CBZ motorcycle immediately won the hearts of customers, many of whom till this date continue to swear by its performance and style. CBZ X-treme, keeping up Hero Honda’s tradition of innovation, is a result of extensive market research and customer feedback and has been specially developed for the true connoisseurs of style and performance.

Unveiling the CBZ X-treme here today, Mr. Pawan Munjal, Managing Director and CEO, Hero Honda Motors Ltd., said, “The launch of CBZ X-treme is a landmark event in the Indian two-wheeler industry, which is going to completely revolutionize the biking experience of the GenNext bike enthusiasts in the country. The CBZ X-treme will offer an exhilarating biking experience to riders.

“We also have a slew of new products across categories lined up to hit the roads in the next few months. So rev up and stay tuned for further news from Hero Honda,” he added.

CBZ X-treme has been jointly developed by Honda R&D in Japan, India and Hero Honda R&D. The new motorcycle addresses the aspirations of customers preferring a higher cc motorbike. Its 150 cc engine with 5-gear transmission promises to deliver the best overall performance in the segment. Performance features like best-in-class acceleration, power delivery and top-speed are the best ever experienced in the 150 cc segment.

Hero Honda CBZ X-treme will be immediately available for test drives and bookings through the company’s wide network of dealers. It would be available commercially by the end of this month

CBZ X-treme will be offered in a range of five attractive colours including the all-new vibrant blue metallic and sports red; candy blazing red, black and boon silver. The CBZ X-treme comes in two variants - disc/kick and disc/self.

The motorcycle is attractively priced at Rs 54,500/- (Disc Kick version) and Rs 56,500/- (Disc Self version) ex-showroom Delhi.


Anuranjan said...

Dude, LED taillights hav already been introduced in the new pulsar 180s which were slipped into the markets a few weeks back in september. So HH is not the first. And first to introduce splite rear grab-rail???-seriously is that even worth a mention? Hahahahah...they r just wanting to b named first- BAL showed its DTSFi in Jan in the autop expo- it had FI, LEDs, projector lamps, and even that split rear grab rail among some real firsts!!...lets see, the next few bikes from HH will hav other "firsts" like a pouchj to carry baby bottle's milk, gold colored bar-end weights, logo in rainbow colors....hahahaha...

Naveen said...

Tanmay, nice as usual. Any news on the 'bigger' bike?

kamal anjelo said...

X-treme looks verymuch like apache!!!

Prashant said...

What about milage of CBZ Xtreme ?

Rahul said...

awesome bike it seeeems...i was really waiting for this one....this gonna b my next bike....cheers

Anonymous said...

well 180 turned 150!
well i wait for something from the honda itself! a 200>more version...

Rajesh said...

Hey dudes can anyone post links of more pics of this Xtreme, wanna see in different sides.

Tony said...

Dude.. If thats a cool bike design !

Then what will u call a real cool design !

Its more of a wannabe design... Just like Pulsar DTSfi !

And most of the first's u mentione is already in the BAJAJ models !

What me need is a decent engine and not a puny 150 ! and a neat design...

Every tom dick and harry can design a bike... But it has to appeal the customer !

Khalid said...

Didnt like it at all. the power is good but the looks are like mix and match, atleast the parts should have been copied from bigger better bikes. For heaven's sake not glamour's parts . Glamour needs a make over itself.

The BATFAN said...

Ever since I saw the pictures of this bike it looked like a clone job from the sides. I thought of Apache butstill the pattern was different and the manufacturer too. Khalid has just hit the jackpot for me. Haven't seen the bike competely yet but I suspect that this is the same side fairing as the Glamour's and only the paint job is different. This is really sick. Anyway t's good for me. I am sure my Gladitor parked out side a Hero Honda showroom will draw more attention than the vehicles parked inside the showroom. Anyway the Gladiator is quite a head turner in Chennai.

Hafeez said...

The one good thing I can think about this bike is that at least the owner wont have to worry about broken indicator stalks at the parking lot! :D


Vinayak said...

Dudes. After looking at the advertisements on media, I thought it will be a Kewl bike. But it came out to be a mule bike.:-) It looks like a cross breed of Apache, glamour, Ambition and karizma etc. I don't know what the hell, the designers are doing at HH. They should first read the market well and then come out with a good model. I am sure, now they r gonna launch CBZ Xtreme++ .LOL