Oct 16, 2006


ROssi Wheelies the M1In the beginning of the race yesterday, I got a bit carried away and moments after the lights, I screamed, 'Go on Dani, take Hayden out.' The Wife gave me the full complement of rolling eyes. Moments later, that very thing happened. However, I'm no longer convinced that all of the bigger motorsport isn't as fixed as the c_____t game. Then again, Hayden, I lip read, screamed in his frustration, 'I can't believe this, this was supposed to be my year!.' Ahem. Who is willing to bet that Rossi crashes out of the next race and Hayden still wins the title.... On the other hand, another interesting thing was noticed. When Rossi was 12 points behind, it was all, 'Rossi is closing in on Hayden and the American/Kentucky Kid will have to play it smart to win the title.' Now that the Hayden is 8 points behind, the official line is, 'Oh no, poor Hayden, he has lost the championship for no fault of his own.'

I still root for Rossi, though. And who, the heck, is Tony Elias?


Sidharth said...

hey there. I was just wondering which channel do you watch the motogp on? Hope you can help me watch it!

vibhu said...

Rossi Rocks !

BTW, can you change your feed settings so that feeds show the entire post and not the first few lines ?

rearset said...

Vibhu - done.
Does this mean you won't visit the website directly anymore?

I watch Ten Sports, but keep Star Sports on the flip channel switch. So I can flip between the two and avoid all of the ads entirely. Very Effective.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rossi is the man to watch. Unfortunately, Yamaha is unable to give the speeds in which he can ride although rossi is working along with engineers too. Problem is Honda, Ducati and Suzuki are of one technology. Yamaha and Kawasaki are of different technology. Yamaha is unable to handle in stretches to give rossi a runaway like Hondas and Ducatis. But, Yamaha is very good in handling departments at corners. If the corners are more, Rossi is unbeatable.