Feb 21, 2008

KBC & Sparx Helmets: Press Release

Here's the official word from KBC on their Indian operation. It means I as a bit off o the prices front...

We would like to announce the launch of one of the world’s fastest growing helmet manufacturers to India. KBC Helmets USA and SparX will be introduced to the mass consumers for the first time in India.

KBC will introduce full face (Street ware), moto-cross helmets (MX ware) under both the SparX and KBC brands. All of our helmets comply or exceed Dot and/or SNELL standards. Our helmets will cater to the needs of racing bike enthusiasts, cruisers and all riders who appreciate quality helmets. We are positioned as a world class quality product at affordable prices. KBC will be one of the first international helmet brands to foray full fledged into the Indian market.

As a US Company, KBC Helmets has always emphasized safety first. Hence our motto "Ride Hard, Ride Long, Ride Safe."

What we want the people of India to know is that we are here for the long run, and to show them that after sales service is a priority. This will help our branding as well as building the trust between the consumers and our products. We want to educate people on how important it is to be wearing proper safety gear (not just helmets), especially on these newly introduced superbikes, such as the Yamaha R1 and Kawasaki ZX10Rs. We know that the mass consumers don't understand yet the difference between a helmet to cover your head, and a helmet to PROTECT your head. With the help from blogs such as yours, we know this is something that will change in the near future.

Some of the features of our KBC helmet include:

It is fitted with a Savoy Suede lining on the cheeks for maximum comfort, along with Snell and DOT approvals for Safety. Made of a Tri-Composite (Kevlar, Fiberglass, and Poly Carbonate), it is one of the safest helmets out there. It has a Quick Release Visor Mechanism, for switching out the visors, interior lining is fully removal to hand wash and air dry, and vents in the front, top and back for good airflow. The brim on the top of the visor is so that rain will be carried to the side if you are riding under harsh weather conditions, and the golf ball dimples on the side of the visor is for aerodynamics. The visor is also Anti-UV, anti-Fog, and Anti-scratch. KBC helmets range anywhere from about Rs 3600 to about Rs.11, 500.

The SparX helmets have different features which include:

The SparX helmets are much lighter, as they are ECE and DOT approved, and not SNELL. There are actually only 3 other helmets in the world with the same safety standards that are lighter than the SparX helmets. The full face helmet, with the Che Guevarra graphics is a huge hit in the US, and had a great response at the Expo. Made of Thermo-Plast and polycarboante, it also has a removable lining and an easy to release visor for switching out the visors. It even has vents on the shield so that no fog is built up inside the helmet. SparX is a subdivision of KBC and has just launched in the US a few months ago. We are happy to share this product with the evolving Indian market. The entire SparX range is from about Rs 3600-5600

Indian consumers would be able to purchase these helmets in various price ranges depending on their tastes.

Market: The Indian helmet market is a dynamic industry which has seen many changes in the past two years. The organized helmet market in India is presently worth US$ 10 million and is witnessing growth rates of 40% annually. We have also seen wide changes with the consumption habits of consumers shifting from low end to high end helmets. We have also seen changes in terms of imported helmets from foreign manufacturers finding its presence in the Indian market.

The motorcycle market is also witnessing changes with the introduction of high end motorcycles introduced by Indian manufacturers as well as the proposed entry of super bikes into India by major motorcycle brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, and Honda.

Distributor Network: We are happy to announce that KBC and SparX would be collaborating with Vega Auto Accessories for distributing its product range in India. Vega Helmets is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle crash helmets in India. At present the collaboration is in terms of distribution of KBC and SparX helmet and would explore further collaboration opportunities in the future.

About KBC Helmets Inc:

KBC Helmets is one of the leading brand and private label manufacturers in world. With a turnover of over $70 million, KBC sells it products in US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia Pac through its wide network of distributors and dealers. KBC sells helmets and other accessories for providing pleasurable biking experience and emphasizing on safety and quality.

KBC manufactures its fine quality products in its own high tech manufacturing facilities, maintaining quality control and supply. In house R&D and designing facilities help us deliver superior designs and products to cater to the needs of its customers.
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EvolutioN said...

finally! the helmet majors roll in...

and rearset, why talk about price when we are talking about a helmet? It does not help to be price conscious when we are buying something that is going to PROTECT (so says KBC) our head?

Love, laughter n keep the Faith,


Arpan said...

nice price points.
cant wait to get it at a retailer nearer to my house.
Does the upcoming joerocket store have the full range on display?
do u recommend any particular model in both of these?

snapper said...

SparX has offered replacement guarantee in the US of A if you're in a road accident and the helmet is damaged...will they offer the same in india?... I am an OCD too...want all contingencies covered. :-)

Also, they have a scheme of offering a free visor with the helmets... need I say more

Arpan said...

Pricing of such genuine certified helmets presents a reality check for importers of Vemar/GPR/index etc those helmets are not worth what they selling for right now,and suppose you were to buy say a GPR @ 3K i dont really think you would be getting more protection then an AGV @ 2K

joshua said...

All of that is fine, but did they know that we had our own Che, named Gandhiji.

KBC's are the norm in the US if you can't afford an Arai or Shoei. Quality stuff with great VFM innit?

nuke said...

where can i get this in India?

Bajaj Pulsar said...

you can buy sparx helmet in india through online at http://vicky.in/shopping/Sparx-helmets.. shipping is free and vicky is reliable