Feb 4, 2008

What did I learn from the crash?

  • No one's uncrasheable. But I knew that

  • Protective kit works. Spend money on it, it's a genuine investment.
    $100 for a riding pant is better than Rs 1,50,000 for a knee-reconstruction or worse

  • Have a sinking fund for kit. So when one part is wiped out, there's cash at hand to replace it

  • Nothing is foolproof. Eventually a fool will blunder through your defenses...
    not much you can do about that (Thanks for the tip, Murphy)

  • Be even more careful when riding. Maybe there was space to overtake this jackass from the right... maybe I didn't spot it?

  • Dirt's nomadic. Sometimes it sets up camp in places you don't expect it

  • Apologies do not reduce pain or injuries at all

  • Not being able to ride sucks. Not being able to walk sucks only a little less

  • I love my wife a lot more than I know


gekko said...

"I love my wife a lot more than I know"

thats really sweet..
hope you recover fully, quickly..

why dont you get a laptop & wireless internet at home and then you can happily blog while you rest?

huez said...

u had some romantic learnings :)

Hey, from my experiences from crashes, we loose a bit of concentration. Though we see wats happening ahead and our mind doesnt react right as it's preoccupied.

once i was riding at 40km/h wen I almost hit a jaywalker and crashed. Though i saw him earlier and anticipated a crash i ended in one. :) so stupid of me.

Thing is I also kinda assumed that the jaywalker will turn and notice my comming and stop. but he didnt.

Hrishi said...

Ummm.. why not try manual ABS when braking?

I usually use the lock-letgo-lock-letgo technique rapidly on the front brakes, specially when braking in dirt.

Try it, it works...

rearset said...

Because my friend, there was never any dust where I was braking. I was sure of it... obviously I was wrong...

Hrishi said...

Sir, why not do it all the time.. the front sometimes locks on hard braking even on non-dust surfaces...

Tryambak said...

Well, a good place to put in my contribution of learning from a crash. Yes i learned a heel lot from some major crahses that i had riding on my pulsar. Once, i had a major bang on my chin and the helmet broke into pieces (That was the only gear i was wearing) when i hit the back of a truck standing at the roadside on the highway. That sounds stupid and i know that but when i mention "In a foggy weather" when you cannot see more than a meter, it sounds more stupidity to ride in such a weather condition and i walked out of that incident at a slightly bad shape however, that was just the one incedent that taught me some good lesson ---

Never RIDE in dense FOG

The last incedent that took me 3 months to recover myself and put together all the strength and courage to get on bike was when i was hit by a giant truck at its top speed at 4 am in an august morning and that was a real crash even though i applied all skills of lock and let go braking and lock braking and then all blank..... sat up beside the road and luckily had some people aroung to carry me to nearby hospital and finally i was on bed for next 1 and half months recovering . . .I had both shoulders broken, right wrist broken that i realised after first 10 days, 8 stitches in head and i still carry the scars in sculp and bruises all over my body and legs. The final statement ---

You may have all skills to ride but BEWARE of people and vehicles around and keep oiling your brakes