Feb 18, 2008

One Tree Music Festival 2008: A good'un

Went to listen to Joe Bonamassa and the Rob Cray Band at the One Tree festival on Saturday night. I know nothing of blues/jazz, mind you, so this was purely experimental. But man, live performances rock. Especially if the chaps belting them out are good. Joe Bonamassa, I'm told, plays a very rock-ish version of the blues, and I loved his set. His two songs on the acoustic guitar were just superb! I never knew there was so much sound in that guitar. Fantastic!

Rob Cray, of course, is a legend. And his performance was superb too. Including the witty banter, the wild solos and the lovely, lovely support of Jimmy Q on the organ/keyboards. The solos and the one time when the rest of the band took a break and Cray and Q were jammming were just superb. Loved it.

The sigh of a million air guitars being strummed along, more than a few people dancing to beat, a few people unable to contain their alcohol and the striking smell of grass/hash were just a backdrop to the music.

Finally, the award for the most real estate needed to enjoy music goes to the gentleman in the red sweatshirt, later red t-shirt. While everyone made do with about a square foot or maybe too, our man, went wild. His flailing air guitar, intermittent nagin dance and swinging blind steps rapidly cleared up a fifty square foot hole in the audience, and many were tuned into the music, but looking at him. Then, my friend tells me, he'd seen the chap before. It was the same at the Bandra Fest. Good on ya, mate! Keep the air guitar flailing!

The next day we turned up to hear Goldspot and Joe Feliciano. The Wife remembers her dad playing Feliciano in the house on the old turntable. As it turns out, Goldspot was the weakest link in the One Tree chain. While the Friday single was all right (on TVs right now), the rest was um, passable. On its own, it probably would have been all right, but in the company the band got to keep, they were in way over their heads.

Which beings me to Jose Feliciano. The man's a bloody genius, I say. Lovely guitar work, great songs, great presence and the vibe of a benevolent, sweet old man. I loved the music, loved his chattering with the audience and especially loved his version of 'Light My Fire.' Went there, bought the CD, clapped till the hands hurt and loved it all.

Will be there next year for sure.

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