Feb 21, 2008

Yamaha Gladiator SS/RS: Official words

Yamaha Gladiator RS
Old news, I know, but here's the official press release

Race –bred Yamaha technology revs up into Sports Biking Gladiator Type SS (Stylish & Sporty) & Type RS (Racing Sports) Launched

February 15, 2008: Bike major Yamaha has made sport biking more accessible in India with Gladiator Type SS and Type RS. This full size dynamic sporty machine is one of the best in the fiercely competitive 125 cc segment. Power packed with 28 new features, this 4-stroke, 11 bhp and 5-speed bike is a unique combination of sports biking and style. Developed with the true Yamaha DNA, the Gladiator will kick start a new sports biking lifestyle in the Indian market. Its 28 newly developed features, add values of superb performance, new styling, greater handling and comfort.

Yamaha’s race-bred technology delivers an enhanced ride, agile cornering and precise braking. The result is enjoyable sport biking experience unmatched by any other bike in the category. Added to this, the new Gladiator Type SS and RS have been designed for substantial improvement in running performance, overall sporty design and product reliability with added advantages of practical functionality, fuel economy and cost effectiveness.

Describing Gladiator as a next generation bike, Mr. T. Maeda – Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Yamaha Motor India says, “The Gladiator Type SS and Type RS have been designed to be true to the Yamaha DNA. In its category, it is the only machine that can deliver a sport biking experience which is intrinsic to Yamaha brand. Catering to the young, evolving lifestyle market, Gladiator Type SS and Type RS will target young students or young executives who seek a solid machine with good overall product balance and distinctive style. The Type SS and Type RS is a strong product and we are confident it will drive our sales to the fifth gear".

The Gladiator showcases benchmark 125cc styling, refinement and a free-revving 11 bhp engine with Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor (YTPS) technology that delivers stupendous standing acceleration. 5 speed close ratio transmission allows the rider to make the most of a wide power band to experience excellent performance in both around-turn and high-speed riding. Aerodynamic racy under cowl, sporty tachometer, wind tunnel designed front cowl, lightweight aluminium wheels and powered front disc brakes gives it a dynamic yet sophisticated demeanor.
The Bike will deliver mileage of 67 km per litre on actual city road conditions. The Gladiator Type SS will be offered in 2 colours, Yellow and Red and Type RS in Blue colour. The bike will be priced at Rs.46, 350 onwards ex-showroom. With the Yamaha signature all over, the Gladiator is an extremely well built, practical, stylish and promises to be the best bike in its class.

The company recently rolled out two of its flagship models the Super Sports YZF - R1 and the Torque Sports MT01 in the Indian market.


The BATFAN said...

So what do you feel about the looks, Best looking 125 out there now as Flame is out of contention I guess and The Discover never did have any looks.

zain inhonvi said...

it looks even more better now..esp in this blue colour!!!!! It was the ebst looking 125 and now it even more better!!! And i guess some improvement will be their in terms of performance (changes in filter and gearing..am i right??)...

yogesh.wordpress said...

ya ya looking good, but more better if they launched it in 150 or above CC. i dont know why they are not looking into this segment.

yogesh.wordpress said...

why are they are not looking into 150 cc segment bikes even they tried to launch this bike into 150 or bigger segment.

Shivanand said...

Chk this out.

Prabakaran Kuppusamy said...

Is this bike worth to buy?

Anonymous said...

What is Yamaha upto now??? 125cc,,,Aren't you guys (yamaha) ashamed of your self in bringing 125 cc segment as a come back..This bike looks good, but never stands next to the happening bikes (pulsar and others)..think big guys..come up with a bigger engine (RD350-The legend)..
I wish you all the success.

Peppin Jerold said...

Yamaha always think big boss..Their come back is not 125 cc..Already they scared India with R1 and MT 01..NOW THE SMALL SPEED DEVIL R15..What more you want..

Anonymous said...

Hm... Nver the less... This is India and We are Humans and Our wants are Unlimited...... So this is a Good bike Ever seen in the Indian market.... I this What We are Expecting.... Sport with Economy.... :)

wackyum said...

I own the bike depicted above,YAMAHA GLADIATOR TYPE RS!
AW Man, onlookers are unable to take their eyes off it while I wade through the traffic!
All of a sudden this bike has made me feel different.
Stop Commuting and Riding, START SPORT BIKING!
Truly value for money in every respect!
Performance and Sporty looks all packaged with the brand YAMAHA!
I am a proud owner of GLADIATOR!
Riding experience is so cool that you just want to ride on and on.
Excellent comfort and handling combined with power packed performance!
Gladiator is out there and defeated the other 125cc bikes already!
It has been rated the BEST IN CLASS by OVERDRIVE.
Waiting for the YAMAHA GLADIATOR 150 and 165 cc versions.
FZ16 has already shot up yamaha sales and the lord can be seen cruising the streets already!
YAMAHA is making its presence felt ... it's very much here now.