May 23, 2006

Blogs of note

Just jumped into the blog world, in terms of communites, that is and found a couple of mates who blog as well. Check out, which belongs to Sac. Known for all round grubbiness, shiny, sparkling writing and a penchant for girls, booze and cigarettes. And not necessarily in that order either. He's in the UK now... hell, just read his blog. He puts it far better than I can. Slightly psychedelic his prose is, I warn you, but very entertaining. Oh, and he's far freer with F-words than I am...

Then there is a dreamy friend of mine, who scratches away at He is another dreamer, and is tall enough to have his feet firmly on the ground and his nostrils full of the clouds. But somehow, manages to float just above terra firma. All round nice guy. And another old hand at sparkly, dreamy, wispy writing. Can be brilliant. As always, click now.

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