May 10, 2006

Yamaha Gladiator launched

Yamaha Gladiator
Here is the official version of the launch, I'm off to
the dealer to get a test ride, report to you soon:


Yamaha Gladiator
  • Targeted at youngsters looking for new lifestyle
  • 4 Stroke, 125 cc, 5 Speed bike
  • Launch kicks off innovative marketing strategy
New Delhi, May 10: Driving full throttle into the Indian market, Yamaha today launched the new biking lifestyle called Gladiator. The 4-stroke, 125 cc, 11 PS, 5-speed Gladiator combines power and performance with dynamic sporty styling and an unmatched cost of ownership in the category. With the launch of the Gladiator, Yamaha kicked off its assault for a higher share of the market by targeting the young Indian customer.

According to CEO & Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd, Mr. Tomotaka Ishikawa, 'True to Yamaha’s belief of setting new benchmarks by offering products that surpass customer expectations, the Gladiator will kick start a new biking lifestyle in the Indian market. Developed as a next generation fun bike, Gladiator, brings with it the added values of superb performance, new styling, greater handling & comfort.'

The Next Generation Fun Bike
The Gladiator is a new model developed on the concept of a “next generation Fun bike”. It features a power unit coupled with a new 5-speed transmission and mounted on a body with a design that suggests dynamic motion. The 5-speed transmission lets the rider make the most of a wide powerband to experience excellent performance in both around-town and high-speed riding.

The Gladiator engine features the latest technologies. The 125 cc single cylinder churns out a maximum power output of 8.0kW (11 PS) at 7,500 rpm and a max torque of 10.4 Nm (1.06 kgf-m) at 6,500 rpm, delivering an outstanding standing acceleration. The powerful performance of the Gladiator is much above the current executive bikes and is at par with bikes in the deluxe category. Starting in any gear adds to the convenience factor & its handling during cornering is very precise.

Power Play
The power unit is characterized by its 5 speed transmission, a first for any executive category bike, with optimized gear ratios. The smooth transition of gears makes it possible to bring out optimum torque throughout the torque-band. Equally at ease in stop and start conditions of urban traffic and the open highways, the Yamaha Gladiator shows its true power on hill roads and high gradients.

Good Looking Power Roadster
The Gladiator comes off the lines with a dynamic yet sophisticated demeanor, combining its refined lines with a feel for power. The feature-rich Gladiator adopts a 3-dimensional multi-reflector headlight that anticipates the latest trends in young user tastes. The front flashers feature mutli-reflector lenses with the same design as those on the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 supersport models. The tail light is integrated with the flashers and gives a classy and bright image. The colour and graphics accentuate the ‘rich and aggressive surfaces’ design concept, driving home the complete package of the Good Looking Power Roadster.

The Gladiator will be available in four colours: Deep Red Metallic K, Yamaha Black, Silver 3 and Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C

A Rocking Mileage
In order to achieve a good pick-up and smooth acceleration performance, a Mikuni-made BS type carburetor is deployed. In order to ensure excellent fuel economy and powerful pick up, the Gladiator is equipped with Yamaha proven technology of Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor (YTPS), delivering a mileage of 67 kmpl on actual city road conditions. The low ratio (large gear ratio) of first gear provides excellent start-up acceleration on the one hand while, on the other, the 5th gear is set with a high ratio to provide excellent fuel economy and more comfortable cruising in the high speed range due to optimized engine rpm.

The Gladiator will be available in 2 versions. The Gladiator DX variant features an electric self-start and front 240 mm disc brakes, while the standard model comes with kick start & drum brakes.

The Gladiator standard model is priced at Rs 41,990 ex-Delhi showroom while the Gladiator DX is priced at Rs 44,990 The Gladiator will be available in the showrooms from May 15, 2006. [that's more or less par with the Bajaj Disco, and about Rs 1500 cheaper Shine]

Yamaha GladiatorYoung Gladiators
The Gladiator development project began with analysis of the rapid changes in the Indian market in recent years. The big changes in the Indian motorcycle market in the last few years with its increasingly intense pricing competition, trend towards larger displacement bikes, changes in use and other changes like the continuing division of customer segments have made conventional bikes outdated.

According to Mr Ishikawa, “The target customers for the Gladiator are very clear. We are aiming at Youngsters in the urban markets who are focused and ambitious and aspire to live a 24X7 life. The user group will be young students or young executives and what they place importance on is a solid machine with good overall product balance.”

Innovative Business Strategy
Mr Ishikawa said that with Gladiator we have kick-started Yamaha’s new business strategy in India. This Business approach will help us to achieve our objective of only ONE Yamaha brand, which is different from other brands & offers never before brand experience & services.

The new marketing strategy is based on the philosophy of “Customer is no. 1”. Through this approach, we will provide our customers products & services which are beyond their expectations.

We also aim to create new biking lifestyles that make Yamaha as cool brand among Indian youngsters.

With Gladiator being the first product in the series of new launches of exciting new products catering to the young, evolving lifestyle market, Yamaha hopes to capture a sizeable market share in the first year of Gladiator launch.

Yamaha Gladiator
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Full Gladiator specs from Yamaha:

Single Cylinder Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Sohc
Valve Train
2 Valve
Bore & Stroke
54 X 54 mm
Comp. Ratio

Max. Power
8.0 KW/10.846 bhp @ 7,500 RPM
Max. Torque
10.4 NM @ 6,500 RPM
Idle Speed
1,400 +- 100 RPM

Kick Start / Electric Start
Spark Plug

Gear Box
5 Speed Constant Mesh
Shift Pattern
1 Down, 4up
Primary Reduction
Final Reduction
Gear Ratio
1st: 3.000, 2nd:1.777. 3rd: 1.316, 4th:1.045, 5th: 0.875
Multiplate Wet Type

12V- 2.5AH(Kick) / 5AH(Self)
Head Light
12HS1(12v) 35/35 W Halogen Bulb
Tail Lamp
12v 21/5w
Indicator [front ones supposedly identical to R1!]
12v 10w

Diamond Tubular Type
Caster/ Trail
26 degree/ 90mm

Telescopic Hydraulic Type
Rectangular Swing Arm With Hydraulic Shock Absorber

240mm Drum Type/ 150mm Disc Type
130mm Drum Type

2.75 X 18" 42 P
3.00 X 18" 6pr, 52 P

Kerb Weight
Kerb Wt - 123kg (Standard)/ 127kg (Deluxe)
Max Payload
130 Kg
Wheel Base
Overall Height
Ground Clearance
Tank Capacity
13 Lts.

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heyyy i thought the Gladiator had twin exhausts which come under the seats ... this luks very different from the one I saw on xBhp :( ... n I thought it was a 150cc priced close to 60 grand :-? ... this luks so typical of an indian bike ... what a anticlimax