Sep 30, 2006

It happened one night

Have you ridden the stretch in front of SNDT in Juhu? It's one of those places where accidents go to crash in the night. No really. It's full of shops, jaywalkers, badly and/or double parked cars, cabs and is a right mess. And there's dirt on the road etc. A real bad place by all counts.

Yesterday, some whippersnapper on an Avenger decided to see if he could 'beat' me (I was on the Gladiator). And should have, since I wasn't racing. I almost stopped but when he shot off the Butt (Bandh to Hindi speakers) Road signal, jinked left to round an auto, saw another one in his path, grab a handful of front brake, came up short, slewed one and half times and went down in a heap. And stopped after having clouted the auto's behind with his head light. Had the luck of the devil to escape without injury. He didn't have a scratch. I didn't stop. If I had, I'd have whacked him on the head and caused the very injury he'd just avoided. Carbon knuckles hurt dummies.

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Saager Mhatre said...

Just goes to show... with great power comes great responsibility.
That's pretty much what I tell people who complain about how unsafe 2-wheelers are.