Sep 28, 2006

New Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi unveiled

This is the new Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi. The one everyone is calling the Phantom. And i think y'all can see why.

I'm in a hurry, so i'll just run through this, okay?

Big changes

  • New face. The reason why it's being referred to as the ghost who runs. The fairing is mounted lower than before, so the bike looks lower.
  • New speedo. The same as the DTS-Fi, but without the check engine indication. You get an within 2 kph accurate meter, a overrev light that doubles as a low fuel light, a digital speedo, digital fuel guage, two digital trip meters, digital odo, and idiot lights that're bright in the day and dim in the night (to cut down on dash glare). Still no clock, though
  • New switches. Ugly brown, but it's an engine kill swtich. Finally. Again, these are the same as the DTS-Fi. Which means back lit, contactless type switches. Feel good. Promise to last forever. But who moved the choke back down to the carb, then? Shoot him. This is a compromise. I understand why. The DTS-Fi needs no choke (electronics take care of that). But if you're sharing switches, adding a choke to otherwise identical switches is time-consuming and expensive...
  • New sidepanels. These are the same as the DTS-Fi
  • New tail piece with LED tail lamps. Again, the same as the DTS-Fi
  • New clutch. Again, the DTS-Fi supplies the spec, and the result is a neat, slick new clutch with a light effort and no juddering.
  • New shift mechanism. Positive, light shifts are nearly guaranteed. And no 'empty shift' at the end of the gear span either.
Otherwise, it's the same as the old bike, except for a rise in torque on the way to the identical peak (new airbox, new cam timing, new exhausTEC setup). That means the bike has more poke at intermediate revs and overtakes can be made without stressing the gearbox out everytime. No change in peak power or peak torque has been made. Ditto the price.

And check out that orange colour. Seems to have come off a ZX-10R (which is always good to hear), and looks gorgeous, without looking too flashy.

I'd say a seven on ten for me.


Sankoobaba said...

hi..awesome pics...I am buying this bike!!!!!!!!!is this same design available at showrooms or is it still concept level..i want to know..i will go to showroom tomorrow itself...i had been contemplating to buy a bike....after having avenger on top ,,, p-180 2nd and unicorn on 3rd...on my list.....this bike's specs have put p-180 on top of the list.....

rearset said...

It's on sale now. Some probiking showrooms may not have received their quote/lot of bikes yet, but is def on sale. Don't get conned/sweet-talked into buying the old one. Unless you want to, of course...

Vishnu said...

This bike just rocksss can u pleaselet me know how much mileage wud the 180 give since clutch work is done on the new bike u can.the digital speedo is a neat work by BAJAJ anyways any other suggestions i wud like to know email me at

Gautham said...

Love the orange look, what other colours does it come in? Black is out, so is red. Hope it comes in orange as a normal too, man!