Sep 7, 2006

Top ten lessons from the film Top Gun

1. Spilling coffee on the boss' shirt can be fun
2. Ray-Bans can be worn EVERYWHERE
3. Scare enemies by appearing suddenly above them upside down
4. Swirling towels constitute assault with a wetly weapon
5. You're allowed real funky handshakes on the decks of aircraft carriers
6. Daft call signs are cooler than really daft names
7. Val Kilmer was very upset at how popular Tom Cruiser became after the film
8. Kawasakis are faster than Porsches
9. Sort out any issues with/about your dad before getting in an expensive machine
10. You'll never be as cool as the enemy until the end of the film


sac said...

11. group singing gets the girl.

Sameer Kumar said...

Yes, Kawasakis are indeed quicker than Porsches. And so are Suzukis. Just ask Autocar...! :-) Or see it here:

Anonymous said...

crap post!! just utter crap!!

letrs see , if u have got the guts to take negative comments!!