Sep 7, 2006

Sad iPod icon

It began as a normal day. I woke up in the morning, spent the first fifteen groggily plugging in all the various electronic bitsas into their chargers, didn't blow anything up, opened the door for the maid. And finally woke up after she made my coffee. Then, I unplugged the iPod from the charger and went off to work. Where it rattled like it was dying. And before I could say 'poor baby,' it died. A sad iPod icon replaced my music and that was that. My month long flirt with the 60Gb iPod.

So I called up my favourite grey market electronic guy, I called up the authorised guys and no one seemed to know whether the warranty was valid in India or not (the unit was bought abroad). But, surprise, at the iPod service centre (as in Apple authorised and all), the clouds lifted a bit. he checked the iPod serial on the support network, pronounced it was still covered and took it in.

Today, I got it back. Well, one like anyway. For my iPod's dead. Long live my replaced under warranty all-new iPod. Still have to get home before I can load it to the gills with music and all, but for the moment, life rocks.

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Hafeexius said...

Update your blog lazy bones! :D