Mar 5, 2008

4sight: A cause

Dear rearset,

We're a group of college students workin for on cause called 4sight. 4sight was initiated as a class assignment and with the intention to do something more worthwhile we intend to take it beyond college.

4sight is an initiative that enables the visually challenged to lead a normal life. Our current efforts involve informing people about the ability of the visually challenged to do more than just make baskets and candles. We're currently doing this within our college in form of posters and banners. If successful, we intend to forward this campaign to schools, NGOs and welfare organizations that are involved in the empowerment of the visually challenged.

Every campaign needs numbers, as do we. The time span alloted to us to carry out this campaign in college is on 5th March from 9am to 4 pm. We greatly rely upon our blog ( to spread the message. We'd be grateful if you could help assist us by promoting our cause through your blog or any related means.

Thanking You
Team 4Sight

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Anonymous said...

Ummm... and the purpose of that blog is supposed to be?

There's really nothing much in there. Unless they want to build up their blog traffic!

- Yugesh