Mar 20, 2008

MBI Press Release: 2008 Winners

Did you vote? I did. And here are the final results of the 2008 Motorcycle Bloggers International.

March 19, 2008 -- Motorcycle Bloggers International (MBI), announced the winners of the 2008 Riders Choice Awards. The awards, voted by thousands of motorcycle riders in 77 countries, recognize significant achievements and serious lapses in judgment during 2007 by motorcycle and related product manufacturers, persons and organizations. This years winners are:

MBI Riders Choice - Star Awards
  • Object of Lust -- Ducati Desmosedici RR
  • Best Concept Motorcycle or Scooter -- Honda Evo 6
  • Best Manufacturer's Website -- BMW Motorrad
  • Best New in 2007 Scooter -- Piaggio MP3 400
  • Best New in 2007 Motorcycle -- Triumph Street Triple 675
  • Most Environmentally Friendly Motorcycle - ElectricMoto Corporation Blade XT
  • Wish We'd Thought of That -- KTM Bread Toaster
  • Women Riders Booster of the Year -- Lois Pryce (20,000 mile solo ride, Alaska to the tip of South America on a 225cc bike)
  • Thumbs Up -- Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman ( Enhanced image of motorcycle riders)
MBI Riders Choice - Fallen Star Awards
  • Most Disappointing Motorcycle - Suzuki B-King
  • Thumbs Down -- Loud Pipes Save Lives
  • What Were They Thinking -- Babecage
  • - Worst Manufacturer's Website -- Cycleport/Motoport

The Riders Choice Awards are unique in that the nominees and winners are chosen by every day riders around the world, not by professional journalists. The awards reflect the judgment of the motorcycle buying public, not motorcycle industry insiders.

Anyone could vote, there was no restriction on age, gender or country. Even non-riders could vote. No registration, nor email addresses were required. However, a system of storing and analyzing IP addresses was put in place to minimize duplicate voting.

About MBI
MBI (whose motto is "Riding and writing is what we do") is a group of 161 international motorcycle weblog authors from China to Chile.

Membership is open to any motorcycle rider who maintains an active motorcycle-related Internet weblog or news web site with original commentary. With a combined readership over 5 million readers per month, the awards represent a true feeling what lives amongst the biker communities. The awards are not given by professional journalists, commercial publications or companies, but by the public.

More information about MBI, its members and the complete list of nominees will be found at the MBI web site.

MBI Website:
MBI Awards 2007:
Interview Contact: Mike Werner
Telephone: +33-2-35297230
Email: mwerner[at]biweb[dot]org

1 comment:

appu said...

I just looked at the MBI 2008 awards page, and it is surprising that the BMW website (in the websites category) and the KTM toaster (in the "Why didn't we think of that?/What were they thinking?" categories) appear in the top 3 positions in both the Choice Star and Fallen Star award lists!

Funny, but just shows how different people's choices can be despite all of them having one thing in common (the love of biking).