Mar 11, 2008

Cramster Touring Boots: On Sale Now

Cramster said:

The Boots are finally here: Long (Rs 4600.00) and Short (Rs 3600)

Boots are Non-Leather, PVC based Synthetic Heavy Duty Leather with Matte
Finish. (If you've seen Teknic Range of Touring Boots It is the same

Toe-Shift Protector, Slider, Ankle Bone protection Shin Protection (Long
Only)Hipora Membrane for Water Resistance.YKK Zippers, Reflectives, etc

Short Types are perfect for City. Because of their neutral looks you
could even wear them to office.

We have very little stock and these are available at Bangalore outlet
only. It will be available with other dealers after a little while.

Long Type is avlbl in 46,45,44,43 |Short Type is avlbl in 46,44,43,42
*Cramster Gear Co., *[Motorcycle Travel Gear]
*#*324/62, 1st Floor, Bellary Road, Bangalore, India
*Phone*: 91-80-41519713 *GTalk*:[cramster] -----------------


Love said...

i used the beta version of these boots and must say they are pretty good! full marks from me...

rearset said...

How come Love gets a beta version to test and I don't?


Deadman Inc said...

Love did Bangy>Ahmedabad Ride sometime back and he was given the boots for beta testing :P But the final product displayed has lot of visual changes from the "beta shoe" that i saw.

Nair said...

2 questions:

1) Does the city version offer enough clamping mechanism as to not come off the feet?

2) Does it have the steel plate inside the sole that can prevent the feet from getting crushed (under the weight of the bike)?

The cramster dealer has shut shop in NOIDA and is in the process of setting up in DELHI. So there is no way for me to check out as of now.

Himanshu Sharma said...

Cramster stuff is cheap shit! I suggest to go with AXO Primato if you can spend a little extra, I got them a week ago looks like a one time deal for life! absolutely awesome....It's steel plate reinforced foot bed will make sure you can stop the bike with boots just in case if the brakes fail :P