Mar 15, 2007

400 posts You decide

This is my 400th post. So, I'm going to take a break. As in until the next post. In the meantime, I'd like to know which is(are) your favourite post(s) on this blog?


Anonymous said...


i'd think this one got the most "< link >" emails from me

lotsa other nice ones, too lazy too googal and paste permalinks.


Gopalakrishnan said...


just commented.

but then headlamp went on so just did a search in my gmail box

so here's more

One of those days when a) ran out of fuel after 7 km in reserve b) managed to pick up son after last exam (and last child :(( ) c) and furiously went in and out of 4 atms and railed about inefficiency ... and d)son who-observed-this-from-auto, says "but why were you use the silver one and not the yellow money machine one"

so before i get some beer to sizzle brain, i persist with the earlier criterion

ones i sent out the most - if that is a useful/signficant/reliable/ index !!
(sent to among others to a certain someone who rides with a left brake and a right one!)

heheh and this one below to mostly office colleagues
have left out the other 220 ones. (ofc went to folk who like me are quite pissed off with BAL by now!!)

laziness on a slow day did I say, there is always
this way, so after some highly irritating to wife scroll wheel revving

so applying the personally useful/ interesting filter, I put up
heheh, works with bacardi !!
(and for visual appeal to be served with that one lemon and a chilli on a string like seen off truck bumpers)

and among the skills/tips one
(and many others)

and yes if you really want to know ummm
does not figure :P (with "The hey, its your blog! disclaimer)

keep up the good work, toodle oo and pip pip etc. :)

/off to get beer