Mar 8, 2007

Hero Honda Karizma R: Official Word

Here it is. On my request, I received this official note on the new Hero Honda Karizma. Read (and enjoy – I did). Everyone who likes writing ROTFL in their blogs and emails... this one's for you!


Karizma has been the most aspirational motorcycle in the country, and it enjoys a die-hard patronage with young bike enthusiasts for a simple reason – unmatched performance coupled with unparalleled styling and the assurance of the tried and tested Hero Honda equity.

Simply put, Karizma with its 225cc of raw power and commanding street presence is nothing less than a fantasy come true for young adults who yearn to have a very powerful bike with international styling and comfort and riding safety.

Keeping this sentiment in mind, Hero Honda has now launched the ‘New Karizma’. Karizma, in its new avatar, comes with swashbuckling new looks and international styling which will drive every young and passionate biker in the fast lane of power biking.

Some of the most striking features of the New Karizma include the following: -
  • A striking new Karizma logo which represents the bike’s cutting edge imagery of being racy

  • International styling which includes state-of-the art graphics with a pronounced ‘R’ on the tank and an asymmetrical one on the visor in keeping with the latest international trend

  • A stunning feature of this bike is its new sporty under-cowl which makes the bike look more powerful and mean

  • The digital console of the bike comes with a night vision, which illuminates the console in a bright neon yellow color to reveal the speedometer which stands out in the dark to form a stunning contrast

  • The engine now sports an exciting matt-axis grey color which makes it look very rugged and ready to take on anything

  • What’s more, the New Karizma comes with a special edition version which has a set of racy-red mag wheels which make it the most stunning bike on Indian roads.

  • Other notable features in the bike are the red rear suspensions, stylish fender with sizzling graphics, alloy wheels and front disc brakes as a standard fitment, powerful multi-reflector headlight with two stunning remote lamps for that added beam, Integrated clear lamp tail light to make sure every other bike keeps safe distance.
Here’s a bike which comes fully loaded with impeccable styling and unmatched performance which reiterates Hero Honda’s continuous commitment to offer the best biking experience across diverse consumer segments.

Coupled with its Brand Ambassador, hot-shot Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, Karizma’s personality is all about: ‘Cool & Confidence’


Hrishikesh said...

Im sure, you are in their most-'un'wanted list by now...


But this is real ROTFL material.


Nyctophobia said...

like they keep repeating... looks!!!
guess they feel that the only thing that gets the bikers going is looks... (and their new stunning logo!!! =))

Payeng said...

LOL... Oh my God..!!
I'll die of laughter..

[Wish Hero Honda had used the Crores spent on Hrithik and the new (Stupid) Ad campaign in R&D and by upgrading the engine..]

howdy Rearset..

Anonymous said...

you know things are not good when the first exciting feature they can think of is, not the engine, not anything, but the new logo. morons.
and then, there is this... "The engine now sports an exciting matt-axis grey color which makes it look very rugged and ready to take on anything."
nice distinction there. makes it look rugged and ready to take on anything? as opposed to being rugged and ready to take on anything?
feel sorry for anyone who falls for this lame-assed marketing spiel.
trust all well with you, rearset.
keep posting (this is by far the most enjoyable blog in indian blogosphere right now) and bike safe.

Anonymous said...

I still did not get what 'R' stands for? And how does it relate to "latest international trend"!!

Vinay said...

when other companies are trying to go state of the art in manufacturing better motors and associated parts, HH is going state-of-the art in graphics, *as always* ;D

Sankoobaba said...

the bullet is baap(dad)
the karizma is the maa(mom)-->just out of parlour with a R sticker!!!
their kids are pulsars/avenger/unicorn/and lil' bro apache!!
now howz tat for a fictional bike family

Madhukar said...

I really want to know the team(?) working at Hero Honda. Boy, they've screwed Munjals. I'm sure they'll write a book titled "How to kill a Bike in 3 steps" later some time. Off course book cover will be designed by "State of the art designers from HH"


Gopalakrishnan said...

Dea ea se ,

wing he aunch he ZMA- a ew keys have g ne kapu and I cann eave a c mmen wi h u c py/ pas ing.



rearset said...

ROTFL indeed. That's funny. Took me a while to figure out. GR-isms aren't the most straightforward... thank god for that. It's either that, or I'm dumb.

Yogesh Sarkar said...

Hi Rearset, one of the members of BCMTouring has posted this post in the forum, it does contains a link back to your blog. I hope it is ok, if not let me know

rearset said...

No worries, Yogesh!

bussu said...

which is the theme song plying in the ad.... mail it at thank you

Anonymous said...

wat ws the milage f ths bike (karizmaR)

rearset said...

T mg f ths KaR s sme s old 1 = 28 2 33 kpl, i thnk

Max said...

if you drive proper then it will give you 30-34, but if you do not take care in first 1000 hm then it might give you 25 or less then that!!