Mar 17, 2007

Contra: Play it now

Contra screenshot from wikipedia.orgAs a kid, I loved Konami's Contra, the first one. The one that opened with the jungle stage. So much so, that for the only time in my life, I raided my dad and mum's change on a daily basis, skimming as much as Rs 30 daily to go play. The vid game parlour chap recognised my ardour and would throw in cheat code that would give me 30 lives or some such. The only deal was that I surrender the arcade machine as soon as I complete the game the first time round (the second time round, enemy soldiers come from behind (as in from the left edge of the screen as well)...

And today, while Stumbling about, I located this site. And guess what, they have a Nintendo Emulator which allows you to play Contra. It's a tiny screen, but hey, the game works! Awesome! For those who'd like to read further about this absolute cult game, click here or here.

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Nyctophobia said...

Yup, I recall this game… we had a couple of brothers in my former building who were the pros at it! They had it on their console. Needless to say, much later, bro and me got our hands on the same game and tried to recreate those guys magic. Alas, we discovered that one-shot-dead gamers were not really our forte. And that game was consigned to the recycle bin (or it may just be lurking somewhere on my hard-drive)

Interestingly enough, just a few weeks back, I got my hands on “neo contra” for the PS2 this one is a top down view, has those 30-40 lives thing and still has the one-shot-dead thing. No prizes for guessing where that game is now : )