Mar 15, 2007

Motorcycle Bloggers International: Accepted!

I've just been informed that I'm now a member of the Motorcycle Bloggers International. The website is a place for riders who blog about bikes to discuss stuff that riders who blog about bikes discuss. And now, I'm one of them, and proud to be sure. Click on the logo to see their website. The MBI gives away awards every year which are open to the public for voting. The nomination lists are up now and you could have voted. I've been tardy about applying and the voting for the 2007 awards in now closed. Sorry. Will have a post on the awards and the 2008 voting as and when, though. The awards span a range of motorcycle related items including best motorcycle, best show, best concept etc. There are the awards for er... the not so good things/developments. I browsed the members lists and these two three blogs (Faster & Faster | Praveen KM | Indian Two Wheels)are members as well. Go ahead and vote, then!


spayeng said...

You Missed my blog: "The Bike Chornicles of India"

I have been a member of MBI for the last few months

Hrishikesh said...

Congrats !

Sneh Madhur Sirohi said...

u very much deserved it.
congrats mann