Mar 1, 2007

Kinetic Blaze: Glaze of Blory

A simple bulleted list should do

  • Throttle spring makes my hands hurt
    It's a hard spring. Add the fact that you really have to twist it (variomatics need more throttle wringing)...

  • Fit finish is hard on the eye
    I've taken to not really looking at the bike while it warms up. Too many edges, too much stuff not fitted together properly... It isn't pretty. One wag I met recently said he'd taken his Blaze apart from paint it. Nothing fitted back easily! Amazing.

  • Forty nuts to a puncture
    The same wag tells me it took two spanners that are not in the very downmarket underseat toolkit and forty nuts to remove the rear wheel after a puncture!

  • The underseat cavity isn't water proof
    I washed the thing down with my gloves inside and guess what, the place where the seat is split into two leaks water in. That means come monsoon time, It would be prudent not to leave anything under the seat overnight.

  • Bloody thing drinks. Or does it?
    Maybe. I filled in two litres and it jumped from nothing at all to more than half tank. And in a hour and half riding, it returned to just above red.

  • It's too small!
    Really. I was trying to fold my feet into a comfortably position, and found it very hard. I'm 5'11"

  • It's too big
    Really. After a long time, I found myself actively 'managing' the scooter in traffic. I can't remember the last time I thought about whether the gap I just snuck into was large enough for my bike.

  • Corners funny
    The bike I have seems to wallow through the turn. I'm going to jack the preload up and see...

  • Great ride quality
    It truly is. I love the soft, cushioned feel of the Blaze.

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