Mar 14, 2007

Vespa: Coming to India?

Vespa GTS 250Check this out. This is good news, I think.

“We are certainly looking at entering the domestic scooter and motorcycle market. We will announce our plans in a few months,” Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd managing director Ravi Chopra told FE. This will be the third time that the 60-year-old Italian brand enters the Indian market. Synonymous with geared scooters around the world, Vespa was first introduced in India in 1960 in technical collaboration with Bajaj Auto.
Go here for the full article. I found the original story here. If this works out, hang on to your knickers (as the Brits like to yell before doing something wild). I happened to ride a couple of Piaggios a while ago and they absolutely rocked. As do Aprilias...

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