Mar 5, 2007

Yamaha TZ350: The one that went bleauggghhh

Yamaha TZ350, courtesy Yamaha Europe

I am trapped inside the fairing with; all that noise and here comes a corner. I let off the gas and try to get my weight to the inside, but I am trapped on the seat too, and finally I jerk the handlebars to the left and the TZ leans reluctantly to the right. One down. I turn the gas back on and the engine goes bleauggghhh. I downshift, losing speed, let out the clutch, and the engine goes bleaugghhh again. I downshift again and I am in first gear in the middle of a part of the track usually negotiated at speeds over 100 mph. I turn on the gas, watch the revs build to 7,000, 8,000, and hoooeeeyyy! 9,000 and right up to 10,500, grab another gear, 10,300, another, 10,300 and all of a sudden we're going just too damn fast. I put on the brakes. The bike stops. Instantly...
One of the best articles on a two-stroke bike I have ever read. And now that they're nearly dead, all the better a read. Thanks to Cook Nielson for writing it. Thanks to for hosting it. Awesome, awesome read for smokeheads. I just found a link to a recent interview with Cook Nielson. Visit motohistory, click here

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