Aug 10, 2007

Bajaj DTS-Si: The TVC

This is the advertisement for the DTS-Si engine, that will precede the launch of the [Exceed]. Also see: Press release: Bajaj DTS-Si unveiled


chandru said...

Love Bajaj ads!!

Glifford said...

Nice! Something reminds me of the Crazy frog doing the motorcycle thingie :P

Glifford said...

Wanna know how this guy started off riding in thin air?

Like this:

Ofcourse I never thought the DTS-Si would be so noisy and (black) smokey!

Arun said...

The bikes technology, milaege and the features are excellent. But the look is disappointing. The bike is revolutionary. There is no doubt about that. Bajaj should have spent a little more effort for improving the design. Currently it looks like Discover.