Aug 25, 2007

Tankbags: protecting the paint

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi 220cc due DiwaliUsing a tankbag but afraid you will scratch the tank? Here's five easy ways to save the paint

Shrink wrap the tank
You will need a roll of shrink wrap and a knife (optional). Basically, just make sure the tank surface is dry (wipe with your hand...) and then wrap the thing with three or four layers of shrink wrap. Be liberal with the cling film. Use the knife to cut a hole for the fuel tank cap. If you're really OCD, wrap some plastic around the flippers (magnetic flaps) just for extra protection. I find the tankbag does not move around much, and no scratches. Best of all, most parking lot miscreants will generally ignore the plasticky mess. Wrap tight so that the film cannot move around for best results

Newspaper and gaffa tape
This is straight forward, but looks pretty ungainly. Works in an emergency scratch prevention situation

Gaffa tape only
Ideally polish the tank to a deep shine (prevents the glue from sticking too firmly). Stick the gaffa tape on a piece of cloth (denim's work fine) to weaken the glue a bit and then cover the places where you think the scratches might appear. May not look clean when you finish, but works like a charm.

The usual way is to use a soft cloth under the tank. But no matter how careful you are, eventually one flipper will drag across the tank, leaving tiny scratches. Cling film, in me experience, works best.


Hrishi said...

I use no tank bag, but use cling film in the rains to prevent water from entering the tank :)

Ummm, am i turning OCDed?


Yogesh Sarkar said...

You can also use 3M scotch tape, it would protect the tank from scratches as well.

I have used it personally and so have a lot of our guys,

Anonymous said...

what's the news on new apache FI and flame??