Aug 20, 2007

Wearing Kit: You'll get noticed

High res image of Cramster Riding GearA blog regular wrote in to say that he wore full kit recently, and noticed, that he got noticed. Splendors raced him, Auto guys gave way. Pedestrians stared. Some people taunted... I just had to add that there's more. I've had people ask if a race was on. One gentleman complimented me and said my 'costume' was most fetching. School buses, I have come to find, are full of children who're just waiting to throw erasers, pencils, water, spit, paper and chewing gum at you. Still others will chase you down to ask which shop sold you the kit (cue disappointed look when they find that is in the USA). Still others will demand a wheelie or a lift, sometimes both. Being called Dhoom and John Abraham is perhaps the most common thing. I've also noticed girfriends/wives urging husbands to dress more like 'that freak over there.' The superior smirks are also very common. A lot of people (genuinely) want to know how hot you're feeling inside (this is a Mumbai special). Others refuse to believe that I'm only riding to work.

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Hrishi said...

Thanks for the link-back !

Deaths Head Roy said...

Haha...""girfriends/wives urging husbands to dress more like 'that freak over there.'""

vikas said...

Seriously, how hot do you feel inside?