Aug 7, 2007

Budweiser in India

Budweiser Indian Pint

The first time I had Bud(weiser) I was at Delhi's TGIF and it sucked. Big Time. It tasted more or less like diluted water and I was left wondering at what Bud Light would be like – as in would I be able to taste it at all? So when a colleague told me that Bud was in India, I was wondering if it had made Anheuser-Busch wiser or not? Well, it has. I've just downed my fifth (I think) pint of Bud in the last four days, and I think I like it. I still don't think it topples my favourites (in order) – Kalyani Black Label, London Pilsner, Royal Challenge and Kingfisher – off their respective pedestals, but it is nice. It has a nice flavour, tastes like beer should and yes, I'm going to be drinking some more soon. Other faves? Corona (minus lime), Heineken (original German import only), Carlsberg, Stella (you can call her by her first name if you know her well enough) and Modelo Negro Especial (strange but true).

No, I haven't had Chillingtons, Guinness and other stalwart brands yet... but there's always tomorrow, right?


Sneh said...

Ah, Kalyani black level. 1st drop of alcohol i tasted,had this brand name on the container.Unofficial drink of REC Surathkal,my alma mater.
Afsos, not available in Pune.

Hrishi said...

Try Cobra-Naag. Even thats good.

My personal favourites...Cobra,Bud light, that order...


Glifford said...

"Heineken (original German import only)",


Heineken is Dutch.

Have been to their original factory in Amsterdam, that's now a museum! Ofcourse they are now manufactured around the world!

rearset said...

I didn't know that! The first time I had Heineken, I was in Germany and by the time I realised I loved it, I was too far gone to read the label... Or at least that's how I like to remember that... 8-D Dutch, eh?

Deaths Head Roy said...

Aaaah, Kalyani Black Label...whata beer!!

first_synn said...

Dear sir, you are yet to taste the awesomeness that is Haagen. May sound German, but is actually Australian. Simply the best Lager ever.

Heineken to me, is an overrated beer. The aftertaste is simply not acceptable even for beers half the price. Carlsberg and Becks kick its dutch heiney royally; no pun intended.

Since you were mentioning German beer, give Breda a shot. Quite nice.

Oh, and I hate Budweiser.

P.S. Kingfisher costs $1 more than Heineken here in Singapore. Go figure... :-D

Kautilya said...


Yuengling Lager
Brooklyn Lager
Rolling Rock
Blue Moon
Miller Lite
Kalyani Black Label

Glifford said...

Actually when it comes to beer, it is often "to each his own".

To the non-initiated, beer is bitter... so how can someone like it? he he he!

Stout beers have a character of their own. Have a woody bitter feeling in that black cola like appearance.

Like Guiness, but prefer the Irish Kilkenney, has a creamy (yes creamy) consistency in the froth!

And there is one called Strong Bow. It is more like a mix of Beer and Sparkling White Wine. Has a sour taste to it... almost like champagne! Love it. But others find it strange :)

sac said...

my dear fellows, on your thirsty behalf i shall shortly drink deeply of a tall glass of Hoegaarden and go aaaaahhh!

and rearset, Bud Light *is* crap. crap crap crap. what can i say, it's American. they just don't know beer. when in Yankeeland, drink Jack & Coke.

Kautilya said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa - easy there, Sack-O, I'd stack a number of American beers with the best and the brightest - Yuengling Dark & Tan, for one. Brooklyn Lager Pale Ale and Saranac Pale Ale for two more.

And Bud does have it's uses - as a pure thirst quencher, I'd rather have a Bud (light) or a Coors (light) than more 'beer-y' beers.

As for Jack and coke, surely you jest, sir! My friend John would never!!! Consent to being chased by a Bud? Perhaps. (another 'use' for a Bud, if you will). Coke, no.

Oh! But you meant the white, powdery stuff! Ach so - klar!

sac said...

glifford: strongbow is cider, man!!

kautilya: how you doing laddie! re beer, i am perennially willing to be educated and proven wrong. will submit to a lesson whenever i land up on your turf! and do my 'lines'!

JulianPaul said...

kinda late again, but i had to post this. on my way back from dubai, i spotted a 5-litre keg of heineken draught in duty free. had to pick it up (even thought the indian customs limit is 2-litres). $18. got lucky with customs, there was a huge rush of people, from a community i wont name, and the customs guys just waved me through coz i had comparatively less luggage. well, me and four buddies just downed it yesterday, and it was pretty good. about as good as heineken can be.