Apr 28, 2006

Corporate Con: Honda Shine TVC

Saw the new Honda Shine advertisement on television yesterday. Was blown away by the superb direction, awesome lighting, outstanding acting, great big horse and the nail-biting, completely fresh storyline. Made me feel humble. Who am I to judge ads?

Meanwhile, a few dozen miles away, Originality was finally laid to rest.

For those who haven't seen it, let me describe it. Non-sado-masochists, skip out here. Ad cuts to chap riding a dull purple Shiny new Honda down the road. Note orange/brown skies. In the distance, the romantic (dis)interest is trying to tame that all-surpassing king of phallic symbols, the black stallion. Obviously, the stallion escapes her wily and ineffectual tugs at the reins, and the chase is on.

Shinyman's filling fuel when he spots the escaping phallic er... horse. And he's off. The horse bolts, but the Shine chap is a speed nut. With the speedo needle in the green zone (40-50 kph), he overtakes the horse. Cut to skidding bike coming to a halt, and then cut (before logic kicks in) to horse being returned to grateful lady. Moments later, gratitude melts into love and the duo ride off, waving a cheery goodbye to the petrol pump attendant who looks quite pissed, since he didn't get paid. Blast.

Non-Sado-Maso-whatevers return here. Now replace the Shine with any (actually, make that every) Indian motorcycle ad, it still works. That's fantastic. A stand out advert, even.

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SamY said...

ha ha ... know what? I didn't even notice what bike it was ... it was so bland ... didn't know people run out of creativity so soon

its proly nuthing more than old wine in a new bottle ;)

?bLeAk?!! said...

its not meant for people with good taste.. its for people who adore salman khan.. :D

Original pulsar ad and the second dtsi, wheelie stoppie ad were the greatest..

shankar said...

its a boy...............
was the best bike ad.
shine ad was a real shame.

shankar said...

its a boy............
was the best bike ad
shine ad is a real shame.